To win at casino craps by implementing methods of choosing bets, you need to carefully learn probabilities of winning and losing of each distinct online craps bet.

BetProbability of Winning, %Probability of Loss, %
Pass Line49.292950.7071
Don’t Pass Line47.929349.2929
Don’t Come47.929349.2929
PassCome Odds Bets
4 or 1033.333366.6667
5 or 940.000060.0000
6 or 845.454554.5455
Don’t PassCome Odds Bets
4 or 1066.666733.3333
5 or 960.000040.0000
6 or 854.545545.4545
Win Bet
4 or 1033.333366.6667
5 or 940.000060.0000
6 or 845.454554.5455
Lose Bet
4 or 1066.666733.3333
5 or 960.000040.0000
6 or 854.545545.4545
Hardways Bets
2:2 or 5:511.111188.8889
3:3 or 4:49.090990.9091
Big Six/Big Eight45.454554.5455
Field Bet44.444455.5556
Any Seven16.666783.3333
Any Craps11.111188.8889
1:1 or 6:62.777897.2222
1:2 or 5:65.555694.4444

The Main Principles of Casino Craps Strategy

Besides mathematically justified strategy of choosing bets, which is based on calculating probabilities of winning and In addition to mathematically justified method of picking bets, which is based on calculating probabilities of winning and losing, there are other basic principles of effective casino craps playing. They support steer clear of spending too a lot at casino craps.

Probability of Winning and Losing Online Craps Bets

While playing craps online, always follow the following rules:

  • Take into account the length of your casino craps session. Besides other factors, the amount of net profit/loss at every casino game always depends on how long you play. That’s why if you are going to play for quite long, be very careful calculating your bet sizes in order to limit losses.
  • Implement one playing style. Choose a betting strategy and follow it. You whether play aggressively at online casino increasing bet sizes, or make minimum bets and play carefully. If you change your style in the middle of the game, you risk losing more money.
  • Increasing bets. One of the basic principles of effective online craps strategy suggests increasing bets after every win. That’s up to you to decide if this principle is rational or you better place minimum bets.

Online Craps Basic Strategy

As a lot of other games, casino craps is the game in which benefits primarily rely on likelihood. That implies at online casino players are unable to get an edge more than casino or increase their possibilities of winning. That’s simply because it is not possible to create 100% effective casino craps strategy which would guarantee steady winnings. But there are some simple principles which cannot provide online casino players stable winnings, but at least, can make sure obtaining profit in the extended run. Let’s talk about such principles.

Basic Casino Craps Strategy: Choosing Bets

The result of each on the web craps round is determined by a throw of the dice, to be far more precise, the sum of two dice points. Of course, at this stage of the game there is no way on the web casino players can influence the final results. There are no casinos left right now exactly where gamblers could cheat making use of particular dice with wrong center of gravity to predict result of a roll. Online casino players also cannot have an effect on the outcomes. The sum of online craps dice is determined by random quantity generator.

Online Craps Basic Strategy

That is why the only possible approach for casino craps players, which would have some slight effect, is to rationally choose bets. Employing this at online craps method, on the online casino players can lessen house edge a small bit. As a result, player’s possibilities of winning improve.

To stick to simple casino craps method and win thanks to it, on the internet casino players 1st require to find out betting system and sorts of casino craps bets. Being aware of every thing about craps on-line betting system is crucial simply because diverse bets give casinos diverse edge. Some bets are profitable for online casino players due to the fact they give low home edge while other people, in contrast, give casinos high edge and for that reason are not lucrative for casino craps player.

What casino craps bets are the most profitable for players? Very first of all, they are line bets (Pass Line and Never Pass Line) and Come/Do not Come. These bets spend little winnings, their coefficient is just 1 to 1. But the opportunity of winning making a single of such bets is a lot higher. The worst craps bets for on the internet casino players are Single Roll bets. They give the lowest probabilities of winning.

Main Aspects of Implementing Online Craps Strategies

Tens of thousands of books were dedicated to casino craps strategies, but by far not all strategies worked. Online craps players need to concentrate on bets. Before thinking deeply about strategies, you should consider several main casino craps aspects.

The rules of casino craps are quite complicated. Even when online casino players have instruction on how to use strategy in front of them, they can’t avoid making mistakes at first. For example, a shooter has to make a Come out roll. In this case, for a shooter to continue, point has to be set. Theoretically everything is quite simple. You just need to know what point in casino craps is. Point is when 3, 4, 5, 6 or 10 are rolled. After point is determined, online casino players can place their Come or Don’t Come bets. Before placing new online craps bet is allowed, seven has to be rolled. Right after 7 is rolled, online casino players are allowed to make Come bets again. Placing this bet, you expect that point will be rolled before seven. Despite casino craps rules being simple, playing is much more complex.

Main Aspects of Implementing Online Craps Strategies

Ideally, to learn this difficult casino game, players need to buy a pair of dice and craps table. This will help to learn casino craps rules and bet types much faster without the risk of losing money. After learning basics of casino craps, you can test various strategies. When this goal is also completed, you will be able to evaluate your chances and choose optimal bet types.

Probability and Value of a Bet

Probability of a particular bet winning and its value can be calculated. For example, Come bet has high chances of winning, while one roll bets have relatively low chances of winning. When placing one roll casino craps bet, you have to tell what sum will be rolled next. In reality it’s almost impossible.

Online craps is considered to be mostly a game of chance. Online casino players who can’t manage their bankroll and place rational bets risks losing all their money very quickly. After losing don’t try to win losses back by making bigger bets. Instead, bet fixed amount of money. You shouldn’t forget that online craps is unpredictable and will always be that way. That’s why we recommend placing four best casino craps bets. They are not paid well, but the probability of winning is the highest. Besides, take into consideration online casino edge. In case you know the rules and aren’t afraid of losing small amounts of money, playing craps online can be your great leisure activity.

Casino Craps Additional Online Craps Bets

In previous articles we have covered basic craps bets at online casinos. Let’s list them again: Pass Line (Don’t Pass Line), Come (Don’t Come) and Odds. In this article we will talk about additional online craps bets: Field, Big 6, Big 8, Place, Buy, Lay, Any 7, Any 11, Any Craps, Bets on C and E, Horn and Hard Way.

Field Bets

This bet is about rolling the following numbers: 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 12 on next throw. This type of bet is placed on a special sector called Field. If 2 or 12 is rolled, then payout is 2:1. If the sum is 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, payout is 1:1. In case of any other sum rolled, casino player automatically loses the bet.

Big 6 and Big 8 Bets

To make this type of casino craps bet, players need to place chips on the sector Big 6 or Big 8. If selected number is rolled before 7, players are paid 1:1.

Casino Craps. Additional Online Craps Bets

Place Bet

This type of online craps bet is based on the following numbers: 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10. To make this bet, casino players have to move their chips to the sector with corresponding numbers. It should be mentioned that the bet can be placed any time. If the selected number is rolled before 7 is rolled, player wins. When the sum is 6, 8, player receives 7:6 payout; in case of 5, 9, payout is 7:5; and if the sum is 4 and 10 coefficient is 9:5.

Buy Bet

This bet is similar to the previous one, except for payout coefficients. Put chips in Buy block. Keep in mind that casino takes 5% commission on winnings. Payouts are: 6, 8 – 6:5; 9 – 3:2; 10 – 2:1.

Lay Bet

This bet is the absolute opposite of Buy bet and is marked on the field as Lay. Lay bet suggests that 7 will be rolled before 4, 6, 8, 9, 10. Winning is possible if 7 is rolled prior to rolling the number casino player placed a bet on. Winnings are subject to 5% commission. Payouts are: 6, 8 – 5:6; 5, 9 – 2:3; 4, 10 – 1:2.

Bet on Any 7

Chips are placed on a special block marked 7. This bet wins if the next dice roll is 7. Payout coefficient is 4:1.

Any 11 Bet

Chips are placed on any field with numbers that give 11 in total. Casino player wins if the next time dice are rolled the sum is 11. Payout coefficient is 15:1.

Any Craps Bet

The bet is successful if after placing chips on the table any Craps combination (2, 3 12) is rolled. Chips should be placed on a special sector called Any Craps. Payout is 7:1.

C and E Bets

C and E are two separate bets. For instance, C bet is similar to Any Craps bet. Online casino players should click on C sector, and chips would automatically move there. Regarding E bet, it is similar to Any 11 bet. After selecting E online craps bet, casino chips automatically move to the sector 11.

Horn Bets

To make the bet, casino players need to place chips on the sector with numbers that give 2, 3, 11, 12 in total. If the next dice throw is one of that sums, casino player wins. Payouts are: 15:1 – 3, 11; 30:1 – 2, 12.

Hard Way Bet

The bet wins when both dice of the same value 2+2, 3+3, 4+4 and 5+5 are rolled before 7. Chips are placed on the sector with corresponding sings. Payouts are: 7:1 – 4, 10; 9:1 – 6, 8.