Every beginning gambler is interested in how to play at online casino. Naturally, another question he asks is what are his chances to win. It is normal when a person is concerned about losing his money, as he knows how difficult to earn it. That is why we have decided to offer you the best ultimate casino guide with the simplest but useful tips for Canadian players. You should pay attention to every and take them into account.

Online casino games guide — how to win every time

Our beginner casino guide will prove you that actually lots of people win money online. This ultimate casino guide will be also useful for pro gamblers. Thus, read carefully all casino guide tips.

You must know that in exchange for an official gambling license, casino sites must be able to submit a certificate from an independent inspection body, such as eCOGRA or iTech Labs. These testing agencies thoroughly check the fairness and reliability of the RNG software used by online gaming houses — this is probably the main thing that any Canada casino guide will tell you. This chance mechanism determines profit and loss in slots and other automated games of chance.

Casino Guide

Moreover, you should always play wisely on legal gambling sites (pay attention to online casino games guide), since they are legally obliged to advocate responsible gambling. By promoting responsible gaming, the regulator wants you – regardless of the result – to enjoy the game and not lose it, or worse: develop a gambling addiction. Any Canadian casino guide pays attention to this important moment. Legal casinos offer you various tools online on how to play responsibly: from play and deposit limits to self-test and timeouts. While an unlicensed online casino does not guarantee fair, safe, and responsible gaming pleasure. In fact, you just run the risk of never being paid.

How to win video poker?

As for video poker, the best tips for pro and beginners are that any ultimate casino guide will advise you to learn the rules of the game before starting. You can easily do it directly on the gambling house site. Besides, do not forget that gambling is not only about making money. This is the excitement. Every beginner casino guide will tell you about it.

How to win slots?

Considering all things mentioned above you must choose the slots with the best RNG. The average RNG is approximately 95%. It will be cool if you gamble slots with 99% RNG. This percentage shows how much money you will get for each 100 spent CAD (if you play for a long time). For instance, with the 99%, you will get at least 99 CAD for 100 dollars spent.

Roulette winning tips

There are 3 main types of roulette: European, French, and American. Listen to the advice of our online casino guide and do not ever choose the American one, especially if you are a newcomer. The reason is the following: the casino has twice more advantage in this game, and the chance that you lose is twice as much. Along with that, pay attention to the pro online casino bonus guide and a cashback of the house. It will also let you save money and, probably, even win. The last but not least, if you bet on 1 number using all your money, the chance that the ball will pick this pocket is too low, every ultimate professional casino guide tells you about it.

Casino Guide for Canadian players

Blackjack winning tips

With the right strategy and all the knowledge you need, you can reduce the house edge of casinos and increase the chances for yourself. Therefore, read following tips of Canada casino guides: they will tell you how to bet and play.

  1. Choose a good table;
  2. Double your bet regularly using the right strategy;
  3. Avoid insurance;
  4. Never forget to split cards;
  5. Stand at 17 or more;
  6. Stand at 12 or higher if the dealer has 4, 5, or 6.

BJ is a very exciting game and you will certainly win when you follow the advice of our online casino guide.

How to start gambling online?

Here are the things that you will find in a good online casino games guide:

  • Choose a legal casino;
  • Select a bonus;
  • Open an account;
  • Make a deposit;
  • Pick a game;
  • Collect your winnings.

A good online casino games guide will also let you know that choosing the right provider is the most important thing for your online casino experience. Combine the facts from our online casino guide and your own insight to make the decision.

Casino guidelines from professional players

Here are the pieces of advice that professional gamblers give to newbies.

  1. Choose the right casino.
  2. Read all casino gambling guides you can find so that you will be aware of all the ongoing tips and game strategies from top players.
  3. Be realistic.
  4. Learn to count.

If you learn the math behind certain betting options, you will excel in determining which action is correct.

Besides, view our casino reviews.


It is absolutely possible to leave a gambling house with money on your account. To succeed in it, follow the recommendations of our casino gambling guide. Probably, some tips will seem too obvious but you should never ignore them. When you get your first prize, you will be overwhelmed. Risk when gambling, but always think when taking this risk.

Casino Guide FAQ

Most casinos feature a range of slot machines while others also have an extensive list of table games.

Slot machines have different payout percentages and your chances of scoring jackpots will vary depending on the wager. Table games payouts are more generous.

A casino that runs on reliable software is mandatory and most players will prefer the house with secure deposit and withdrawal methods.

Casinos will generally offer a number of deposit methods. Most will allow you to deposit with a credit card, e-wallets such as Neteller or PayPal.

It is always more profitable to gamble with a bonus, especially if it is a welcome no deposit bonus.