Free mode feature is important characteristic of video slots. Free online slots are not as rare as it might seem. In contrast, at every online casino all or almost all free online slots are available. Online casinos try to get players involved by introducing free online slots to them. Usually free mode doesn’t suggest any limitations, although of course, you won’t get real money winnings.

Slot Control Characteristics

Simplicity is important characteristic of video slot control at online casinos. Without taking into account various exotic slot models, which can be hard to play even for experienced casino player, slot games are extremely simple to use.

Free Online Slots at Casino

In most of the cases slot player simply needs to set the size of the bet at online casino and choose the number of active paylines. There are video slots that don’t allow changing the number of paylines. This means that besides changing bet size, player doesn’t need to do anything. And of course, it’s very convenient to play free online slots first and only then play for money.

5 Reel Slots

5 reel slots are usually equipped with three rows of symbols. As a result, it has a 3×5 matrix. There are free online slots with four and even five rows, but they are rare. The more rows the higher the chances of hitting at least one winning combination at online casino. However, even three rows are more than enough to win big.

Even though video slots don’t allow players to affect its processes, casino players have some tools to control the level of risk. Besides changing bet size, players are usually allowed to change the number of active paylines. The smaller online casino bet the lower risk. From the other hand, the more paylines are used the higher the chance that at least one of them will be winning.

3 Reel Slots

As you can guess, 3 reel game slots have just 3 reels. The number of rows with symbols is also equal to 3. Regarding paylines, there are usually no more than 5 of them, although some video slots at online casinos offer more paylines. Anyway, you shouldn’t expect large number of paylines, but this can hardly be considered disadvantage.

The thing is, 3 reels make it easier to get a winning combination than if casino player would play 5 reel slot game. It’s known that, for example, 3 reel slots at online casinos offer from 8 to 16 thousand possible combinations depending on the number of symbols.