First and foremost, the game of craps stands out through its ancient and interesting history. The Bible says that the soldiers divided Jesus’s clothes among themselves by throwing dice. Nowadays, the game of craps features a great variety of bets. If you’re unwilling to learn more about casino craps rules in all detail, we recommend you to take a look at the basic bets, such as Pass Line/Don’t Pass, Come/Don’t Come and Odds. These are the most profitable bets in online casino craps.

Casino craps rules

The craps table has high boards to prevent the dice from falling off the table. Note that at land-based casinos it’s the player who throws the dice, which adds excitement to the game. The craps table has a special layout. A felt cloth offers various betting options. Usually, players can choose among more than 10 betting possibilities. Online craps is played with two standard six-sided dice. Craps online is played in rounds. Each round consists of two phases. The first roll is called Come Out roll. If the come out roll is 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10, this number becomes the Point. If the shooter throws 2, 3, 7, 11 or 12, the round ends. Once the Point is known, the dealer turns the button to the ‘On.’ During the Point phase, the shooter rolls the dice till they roll the Point or Seven.

Casino craps rules

Online craps strategy

As the player does not make any significant decisions during the game, craps online does not have the optimal winning strategy. The only thing the player needs to do is to pick the right bet. As already mentioned, such bets include Pass Line/Come with 1.41% house edge and Don’t Pass/Don’t Come with 1.36% house edge. Furthermore, you can place an Odds bet in addition to your original bet. The best thing about Odds bets is that the casino does not have any advantage! Note that you cannot place an Odds bet per se. Moreover, the size of this bet is limited. For example, casinos online running on PlayTech and Microgaming software limit Odds bets to 3 times the original bet. If you place a Don’t Pass or Don’t Come bet and the maximum Odds bet, you can bring down the house edge to just 0.45%! This is the top profitable casino craps bet. House edge varies heavily across different online craps bets, from 1.52% for Place 6/Place 8 to 11.11% for Hard 4/Hard 10.

Online craps strategy

Craps online bets

  • Pass Line Bet. If the come out roll is 7 or 9, your bet wins. If any other number comes up, it becomes the Point. If the shooter rolls the Point before a 7, your bet wins.
  • Don`t Pass Line Bet. If the come out roll is 2, 3 or 12, your bet wins. If any other number comes up, it becomes the Point. If the shooter rolls a 7 before the Point, your bet wins.
  • Come Bet. Unlike a Pass Line Bet, this bet can be placed during the round. If the come out roll is 7 or 11, your bet wins. If any other number comes up, it becomes the Point. If the shooter rolls the Point before a 7, your bet wins.
  • Don`t Come Bet. Unlike a Don`t Pass Line Bet, this bet can be placed during the round. If the come out roll is 2, 3 or 12, you bet wins. If any other number comes up, it becomes the Point. If the shooter rolls a 7 before the Point, your bet wins.
  • Odds Bet is an additional bet. You can place an Odds Bet if you have already placed a Come Bet, Don`t Come Bet, Pass Bet or Don`t Pass Bet.
  • Win Bet. You bet on the number that will be rolled before a 7.
  • Lose Bet. You bet on the number that will be rolled after a 7.
  • Hard Ways Bet. You bet on a certain number that will be rolled as doubles before a 7 or any other number that isn’t a double.
  • Big Six Bet. If a 6 is rolled before a 7, your bet wins.
  • Big Eight Bet. If a 8 is rolled before a 7, your bet wins.
Online craps strategy Craps online bets

Single roll bets

  • Field Bet. If a 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 or 12 is rolled, your bet wins.
  • Any Seven Bet. If a 7 is rolled, your bet wins.
  • Any Craps Bet. If a 2, 3 or 12 is rolled, your bet wins.
  • Craps Two Bet. If a 2 is rolled, your win.
  • Craps Twelve Bet. If a 12 is rolled, your bet wins.
  • Craps Three Bet. If a 3 is rolled, your bet wins.
  • Eleven Bet. If a 11 is rolled, your bet wins.

Online casino craps payouts

Pass Line Bet and Don`t Pass Line Bet are paid 1:1, except for additional bets. Pass Line Bet and Come are paid as follows:

  • 2:1 on 4 or 10;
  • 3:2 on 5 or 9;
  • 6:5 on 6 or 8.

Here are payouts for Don`t Pass Line Bet and Don`t Come Bet:

  • 2:1 on 4 or 10;
  • 2:3 on 5 or 9;
  • 5:6 on 6 or 8.

Do Online Craps Strategies and Systems Work?

As we know, casino players get extremely inventive when they create different winning techniques. These days there are numerous methods of all sorts utilised to play casino games. Authors of those approaches promise and sometimes assure to make you wealthy with minimum investments.

Ahead of you implement any approach, don’t forget that all achievement promises are completely worthless and do not imply anything. Albert Einstein, who was definitely familiar with precise sciences, when asked about the very best technique to play casino games, advisable stealing chips from table while dealer could not see. Our days are the days of distinctive offerings, and you can discover on the world wide web apparent nonsense which would be advertised as a casino game strategy.

Why It Doesn’t Work And How To Get Edge Playing Online Craps?

Nowadays there are a lot of numerous online casino game simulations accessible on laptop. These simulations give the chance to test how efficient these systems really are by simulating slot reel spins, roulette spins and dice shots.

Do casino craps strategies and systems operate? Regardless of the final results you acquire, you can not trust them 100%, due to the fact human element is not regarded. And human issue plays substantial part in online casino craps.

Do Online Craps Strategies and Systems Work

Usually seasoned online casino players have certain abilities to handle casino craps dice. This way they can have an effect on the benefits of the game session. Even if casino player can slightly influence the benefits and is able to avoid acquiring losing combination, on the online casino edge will be eliminated.

But almost everything talked about above does not mean that after you discovered dice handle strategy to play casino craps, you’ll begin to win enormous quantity of cash. In the extended run casino player can expect to accomplish the exact same benefits as blackjack card counters.

Recommendations For Casino Craps Players

To increase your chances of winning, we recommend starting to play at empty tables (even though that’s not what online casino craps players traditionally do). Get ready for more players to join the game after the table is open. To attract less players to your table, don’t show how happy you are when shots are successful. We also recommend:

  • Always practice controlling the dice
  • Place bets with minimum casino edge
  • Play at empty tables and leave online casino craps tables when a lot of other players join the game.

Perhaps these recommendations will be more effective than all existing systems and strategies altogether.

Don’t Pass Online Craps Strategy

Casino craps is one of the games created in the Middle Ages. Today casino craps is still really well-liked and that’s mainly thanks to motion pictures, in certain movies featuring James Bond. Several on the web casino players try to locate their own method to play online craps. That technique must match their playing style and ensure high possibilities of winning. Novice online casino players are advisable to follow casino craps technique.

Any novice online casino player wants to know how to play craps online. The answer for this query is easy and clear. Casino players have to know guidelines of the game, specifically varieties of online craps bets. Appropriate implementation of what is learned is one particular of the keys to playing casino craps. There are quite a lot of bet varieties in casino craps and each and every of these bets offers different chances of winning.

Don't Pass Online Craps Strategy

Casino business development calls for introduction of much more and more gaming services online. That is why it’s not surprising that nowadays you can play on the online craps sitting at your property and opening any of the casinos online. As a result, the question of how to win at craps on the web draws a lot of interest.

Don’t pass on the web craps technique isn’t welcomed by majority of casinos online, because it considerably increases players’ chances of winning. Employing this technique, players place Do not pass line bets. Online casino players shed if 7 or 11 is rolled and win when 2 or 3 is rolled. If the sum is 12, it is a tie, not very a good scenario because online casino has its edge unchanged. In case “point” number is determined, don’t pass line bet wins even if the shooter rolls 7. That means never pass gives casinos online minimum benefit of just 1.36%.

At land primarily based casinos bets against a shooter and majority of other casino players at the table will certainly trigger players’ disapproval. But this issue doesn’t exist when you play craps online. Consequently, this casino craps approach is one of the ideal if you play at online casinos. In online casino edge can be additional lowered if lay odds bets are created on don’t pass line. In this case online casino will have zero edge. But online craps player will require to place bets paying 2 to 1.

Craps. Basic Casino Craps Bets

In this article we’ll talk about basic online craps bets, they are: Pass Line (Don’t Pass Line), Come (Don’t Come) and Odds.

Pass Line Bets

This online craps bet is placed on the Pass Line field before the first time the dice are rolled. If roll is 7 or 11, you automatically win, and the round ends. If the shooter rolls 2, 3 or12 the combination is called Craps and you lose. When any other sum is rolled, it’s called Point. Casino player’s bet stays on the table before other dice throws will give seven or Point. Winning in online craps is possible when Point number is rolled before 7. If 7 is rolled before Point that means casino player lost. Winnings are paid 1 to 1.

Craps. Basic Casino Craps Bets

Don’t Pass Line Bets

This casino craps bet is the opposite of bet considered above, and casino chips are placed on a special Don’t Pass Line field before the first shot. While placing this bet, player is hoping to see 7 before Point number is rolled. Winning after the first throw is announced if Craps combination (2, 3) is rolled or next rolls give 7. If first throw gives 12, the bet is returned to online casino player. Bet is lost if after the first throw the dice show 7 or 11, and if the following shots give Point number. The bet is paid 1:1.

Come Bets

This bet in online craps is placed on a special Come field after the first throw, after Point number is determined. It wins if shooter gets 7 or 11. If Craps combination (2, 3, 12) is rolled, casino player loses. If Come point combination (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10) is rolled, the bet is automatically moved from Come field to the corresponding Come point field. If the same combination is rolled again prior to having 7, player wins. In case of rolling 7 before the combination, online casino player loses. That means that Come bet is basically the same as Pass Line bet, but is placed after Come out roll. Winnings are paid 1:1.

Don’t Come Bet

This type of casino craps bet is the opposite of the previously discussed bet. Chips are placed on the table in the special sector after the first throw. The bet wins if the sum is 2, 3. The bet loses when 7 or 11 is rolled. The bet is returned to a player if 12 is rolled. The other sums give a player Don’t Come point combination. Chips are automatically moved to the left upper corner of the field, to the sector corresponding to the sum. The bet pays 1:1 if after moving chips the shooter rolls 7. In case when Don’t come number is rolled, casino player loses.

Odds Bet

This online craps bet is used in addition to four bets discussed above. Depending on online casino rules, Odds bet size can exceed initial bet by no more than several times. Odds bets are usually placed outside the corresponding field (Pass, Don’t Pass, Come, Don’t Come) but next to it.

When the sum is 4, 10 then Pass Odds and Come Odds bets pay 2:1, if the sum is 5, 9 the coefficient is 3:2, having 6, 8 casino player gets 6:5. Regarding Don’t pass odds and Don’t come odds bets, winnings are paid the following way: if 4 or 10 is rolled, coefficient is 1:2, if the sum is 5, 9 then 2:3 is paid, if the sum is 6, 8 – player gets 5:6.

In contrast to previously mentioned bets, player has the right to cancel odds bet if it hasn’t participated in the round.

Bad and Good Casino Craps Players

Very often craps players who study lots of books and casino craps recommendations have a tendency to divide betters into “negative” and “very good”. It is not rational to use this kind of definitions with regards to casino craps. Poor bettor is not the 1 who doesn’t stick to the rules, cheats or areas low probability bets. Good bettor is definitely not the a single who strictly follows casino craps guidelines and tends to make proper and successful bets. From the moment these definitions have been introduced, authors of books and articles attempted to clarify them every single in their own way.

Bad and Good Casino Craps Players

These concepts can be explained employing basic instance. Pass line is the most common on the online craps bet. Ahead of another comeout roll, casino craps player throws the dice. If 7 or 11 is rolled, shooter wins. If the sum is two, 3 or 12, casino gamer loses. Any other rolled number will be the point quantity. In case the shooter rolls point number before seven, he/she wins. But if the point number is rolled soon after seven, the shooter loses. Casino players who spot bets on the shooter winning are known as great. These who bet against the shooter are called poor bettors. In on-line craps there are no actual rolls and dice, but the major concept stays the exact same at online casinos as effectively. In other words, on the web casino player making Pass bet is a excellent player. The one particular who bets on Do not Pass is a undesirable player.

This definition of undesirable and excellent online craps bettors is correct in case of numerous other bets as well. Acquire and Lay bets are the very best instance of such bets. On the online casino player pays 5% commission in each of the situations. Commission is needed to get mathematically right payouts which do not give online casino any edge. Craps online players generating Acquire bets are named very good bettors. Those who bet on Lay are negative casino craps bettors. Buy bet wins in case the point number is rolled prior to 7. Lay bet is considered to be winning if the point quantity is rolled soon after 7. The very same is correct about Come and Never Come bets.