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When visiting a casino online, the player is expecting to enjoy high-quality casino games from top manufacturers, flawless user service, and the best online casino games. Judging by the selection of entertainments offered on a certain gambling website, the player forms an opinion about a casino online and shares it with others. Many clients prefer to play with different online casinos to make their gambling experience as diverse and fulfilling as possible. For their clients to feel comfortable and relaxed, online casino employees are doing their best to take care of all their needs and requirements.

Best Canadian Casinos to Play Online Casino Games


Spin Palace Casino

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TonyBet Casino

TonyBet Casino Online Review
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JackpotCity Casino

JackpotCity Online Casino Review
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YOJU Casino

YOJU Online Casino Review
100% up to 2000 CAD
100 Free Spins
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BetSafe Casino

BetSafe Casino Canada Review
100% up to 3000 CAD
50 Free Spins
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Energy Casino

Energy Online Casino Review
Bonus up to 400 CA$
50 Free Spins
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Bizzo Casino

Bizzo Online Casino Review
100% up to 1000 CAD
150 Free Spins
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PlayOJO Casino

PlayOJO Online Casino Review
No Money Bonus
50 Free Spins
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iLucki Casino

iLucki Online Casino Review
100% up to 900 CAD
150 Free Spins
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CasinoChan Casino

CasinoChan Online Casino Review
100% up to 1500 CAD
120 Free Spins
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Bob Casino

Bob Online Casino Review
100% up to 1500 CAD
130 Free Spins
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VulkanVegas Casino

Vulkan Vegas Casino Review
Bonus up to 1000 CA$
175 Free Spins
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Playamo Casino

Playamo Online Casino Review
100% up to 1500 CAD
150 Free Spins
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Spin Away Casino

Spin Away Online Casino Review
100% up to 1500 CAD
100 Free Spins
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Jackpot Village

Jackpot Village Casino Review
100% up to 1800 CAD
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Genesis Casino

Genesis Online Casino Review
100% up to 700 CAD
30 Free Spins
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Online casino games: safety

There is no need to worry. At modern casinos online, the latest technologies are standing on guard of online casino clients’ personal information. Any respectable online casino is obliged to follow strict confidentiality protocols and standards. But the main thing for many players is the selection and quality of casino games online. Modern online casinos offer the most exciting and the most popular online casino games to meet the expectations of a pickiest client.

Online casino games safety

Slots are the most popular online casino games for millions of gamblers worldwide. Gamblers are fascinated by top-notch graphics, exciting plots and themes, generous bonuses, and tricky extra rounds and – of course – high payouts. Each slot has its unique features and options. Online casinos offer a great range of slots that come in all possible variations.

Slots may have three, five and even nine reels; take different bets; offer different number of paylines; and so on. Depending on the game plot, a bonus round may come as a card game, tricky questions, and even a sword fight competition. Flawless animation and immersive sound effects add to the realistic atmosphere created by these exciting slots.

Roulette: symbol of casino online and casino games

It’s an undeniable fact that roulette is the queen of all real casino games online. Modern casinos online offer a bunch of roulette variations to meet any taste, including:

  • European roulette (classical roulette with ordinary bets);
  • American roulette (features an additional Double Zero sector);
  • French roulette (offers the possibility to bet on groups of numbers).
Roulette symbol of casino online and casino games

Unlike with land-based casinos, online casino clients can enjoy additional features and options that make the play process even more exciting and entertaining. Furthermore, online casinos are pampering their clients with real casino games online. This option is available at live casinos. It should be said that live online casino games feel just as realistic as offline casino games.

Top card casino games

If you’re an ardent fan of classical card casino games, you should definitely explore blackjack- and poker-related sections on online casino websites. Feel free to choose from several blackjack variations, from five-card blackjack to Texas Hold’em. Each variation has its unique rules to meet different preferences.

Many loyal gamblers switched to live online casino games which are the latest trend in online gambling industry. Live online casino games with a live professional dealer allow you to feel like a real brick-and-mortar casino client and enjoy a fulfilling gambling experience. If you have never been to an offline casino, you must try real casino games online. Prepare to be impressed.

Where to find the best casino games online

Our website offers a useful ranking of the best online casinos, where you can play any of the above-mentioned casino games and many more. Our selected casinos online provide gaming services of the highest quality which ensures smooth gambling experience and pure pleasure from the play process.

Where to find the best casino games online

We have personally tested each online casino on the list. All of them feature high payouts, generous bonuses, and fair and transparent terms. Moreover, most of our selected casinos online offer an opportunity to test your luck at live online casino games.

Eager to experience unforgettable emotions from the best casino games? Pick any reliable casino online from our list and start playing in free demo mode. Once you’re feeling ready for a higher level, you can switch to real casino games online and enjoy online gambling to the fullest!

Casino Games Rational Limits For Online Casino Bets

What online casino bet size can be considered rational? Some casino players prefer low risk and small limits, while others bet big and don’t think about money. There are much more casino players, who place small size bets. Online casinos don’t have a lot of rich players. That probably can be explained by low limits for many slot machines and other casino games. Standard minimum bet is one cent. At some online casinos it’s 5 or 10 cents. Very rarely casinos online set higher minimum bet limits.

There’re no bets less than 1 cent. We need to take into account that in case of slot machines this small bet is possible only if casino customer has just one active payline. If there are 2 paylines used, then total minimum bet rises to 2 cents and so on.

Casino Games. Rational Limits For Online Casino Bets

Casino card games often have higher bet limits. Black jack and video poker can offer bets starting from 10 cents and more. It’s hard to say if it’s rational to place only minimum bets. When small casino bets are made, the size of a possible payout is also small and online casino players risk getting no pleasure from playing.

It’s obvious that rational limit is the one that makes casino players take risk, and at the same time feel happy after winning. That’s quite a fine line which cannot always be correctly determined since any big bet is risky by definition. Perhaps optimal limit for casino player is the one that doesn’t involve too high risk of losing all money, and doesn’t make casino customers worry about their financial stability.

However, any online casino has maximum bet limits that fully satisfy the desire to bet big. Slot machines, for instance, offer betting $10-$20 per spin. That’s a lot of money if we consider that slot machine does 10 spins a minute. Casino roulette limits are even higher. You can bet $100 on one sector. In case of live casinos, several thousand bets can be possible if agreed with casino dealer.

Casino Games Online Secrets of Winning While Playing

People started to play games since the beginning of human history. And the most attractive for us were always activities that resulted in excitement, adrenaline rush and energy burst. Casino games are that kind of activities. But getting to know casino game is certainly good. Everyone wants to know how to win while playing casino games. Are there any secret tricks?

  • It’s strange, but playing at casino isn’t about luck or strategy but the ability to keep yourself and your emotions under control. To hit a jackpot, players need to become rational and start to think.
  • If you are going to casino, decide what you want from playing casino games. You want to relax, lose a couple hundred dollars, or you wish to win. Those are two different motivations. Player who visits casino, orders few cocktails and plays casino games, will lose for sure. Why? Because that player doesn’t think, doesn’t plan each move, he or she just places chips randomly.
  • Remember: if you aim at winning, make a plan; if losing is ok for you, get a cocktail. But if you are a lucky person, you can come unprepared.
Secrets of Winning While Playing Casino Games Online
  • When you start playing online casino games, decide how much money you are ready to leave at casino without feeling regret. How much you can spend on leisure? As soon as this money disappears from your purse, leave casino. Don’t hope for winning back your losses. However, if you are that lucky person mentioned earlier, you can try.
  • Avoid lending money to online casino players. If you are so eager to lose your money, just give it to someone. That would be much better, trust us!
  • If you won playing casino games, don’t tell everyone about it. According to casino rules, winning isn’t your main goal. Your goal is to leave casino with the money you’ve won. Resist the temptation to bet all your winnings and get more money. It’s better to come back next time!
  • Don’t give advice to other players if they don’t want them. Everyone is following their own strategy. You can cause conflict.
  • Don’t forget to thank dealer and administrator who made your casino game winning possible. It seems to be unimportant, but people remember how they are treated. Perhaps they will bring you good luck next time.
  • As soon as you come home, write down all details of you casino winning. Even if you are lazy for that, you should do it! May be you’ll find a secret of your casino success!

Don’t try to test different schemes every time. Choose an appropriate strategy and proceed according to the scheme indicated. A positive factor will be the fixation of the results, to evaluate the results that take place. Do not neglect the opportunity to play the secret casino for free to get a suitable skill.

Casino Games Advice for Novice Gamers on Playing Casino Games

Casinos earn money only in case when you lose. And trust us, in order to have a good time playing casino games, it’s very important to know when to stop while at online casinos or land based casinos. Casinos try to earn money, that’s why the last thing they want is to allow you to cash out your winnings and go away. So, they do everything possible to make you keep playing and invest all your winnings back to casino games. Below we listed the main rules that should be followed when you play casino games online.

You have to know well online casino games that you play In other words you should know them like the back of your hand

It’s a well known fact that the most informed player of online casino games will be the luckiest. You should never put the carriage before the horse and start playing casino games if you don’t have at least basic knowledge of game rules. It’s extremely important to know what you are going to do before you start doing it. At online casinos it’s rational to learn casino game rules that are usually available after you launch online casino game or on a casino website.

Never play casino games when you suffer from alcohol intoxication

It’s obvious that casinos offer free alcohol drinks for reason. And that reason is not the generosity of casino administration. It was proved a lot of times that under the influence of alcohol many people make bad decisions while playing casino games and this can cause various foolish mistakes. If you plan to drink and play casino games, make sure to set limits and don’t drink until you pass out.

Advice for Novice Gamers on Playing Casino Games

Determine how much money you want to spend playing casino games and never exceed this limit

Before you start playing casino games online or go to a land based casino, set the money limit that you ready to spend and don’t change it. It’s very easy to find yourself in the situation when you want to win back what you’ve lost, and then suddenly realize your wallet is empty. Online casinos deliberately simplify depositing and make it seem like you play not for money, but for credits. Set your limits and never exceed them.

Don’t Be Overconfident!

One of the most common mistakes novice players make happens because they win too much and too soon while playing casino games. As a result, player loses everything he/she has won. If you’ve won quite solid amount, it’s a good idea to put some of that money in your pocket, or request cash out when at an online casino.

Try to Be Quiet

Where there’s money, there are people with bad intentions. For your own safety never tell anybody about your winnings or losses inside and even outside casino. Also it’s essential to never show anyone large amount of money, chips and tickets. That’s not the problem at online casinos. However, if you’ll decide to publish a post on a forum or on social networks, never write your real name, phone number, email or any other personal information.

Casino Games Recommendations For Online Casino Players

When someone just starts to play casino games, everything seems new and complicated. While playing at online casino, they can follow several advice that can be useful not only for novice players, but also for experienced casino gamers:

  • Don’t play online casino games when you feel depressed or just have a bad mood.
  • Don’t drink alcohol and cocktails in the process of playing casino games.
  • If a person plays casino games online in order to entertain and relax, he/she needs to entertain and relax.
  • Before you start playing, you should decide on the type of casino game you want to play. Don’t mix games and don’t play a lot of various games at the same time.
  • While playing online casino games, you shouldn’t follow rules and systems that you don’t understand.
  • Before playing game, you should read casino game rules, decide what strategy to use and how much to bet.
  • Don’t play if you have enough money just for several bets.
  • Set the limits for losses and winnings and never exceed them.
Casino Games. Recommendations For Online Casino Players
  • You shouldn’t play casino games using money that were meant for essential things, and don’t borrow money to play at online casino. This way you can get carried away and end up having no penny in your pocket, but having new debts.
  • You should remember that success at casino won’t last forever as well as a bad luck. From time to time one is replaced by the other.
  • Don’t rely exclusively on good luck when you play online casino games. It would be good to know at least basic principles of probability theory.
  • If casino player has a desire to win, he/she should be very careful and focused.
  • Don’t forget about real life, it can’t be replaced by a virtual life. While playing casino games, have breaks.

If casino players follow these simple advice and rules, playing casino games will bring them joy, entertain and make them happy. This way, people won’t get addicted to casino games financially or psychologically and won’t have unpleasant consequences.