Online Slots. The History of Slots Creation and Secret of Their Popularity

It's impossible to imagine online casinos without video slots. Often there are hundreds of slots collected at one casino. The more various types of free video slots are available to casino players the higher the chance that those customers will prefer this particular online casino to play for money.

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Slots History

Although online casinos have a lot of games that have more than a hundred year history, slots are the most popular of them. It's even more surprising if we consider that video slots were introduced not so long ago. One of the first casino slot prototypes was introduced at the end of 19th century in England. Around the same time there were slots launched in USA that after several years changed the image of casino games.

Secret of Online Slots Popularity

Even though casino slots were quite huge and heavy machines with quite limited features, they quickly attracted casino players' attention. Unusual and exciting playing process had a great impact.

We need to understand that at that time card games were the absolute leaders at casinos. Roulette was considered the game for rich casino customers, and players with more humble income used to spend their time playing cards. Video slots changed the balance of power inside casino forever.

Completely new playing process was enjoyed by regular customers of American casinos. In USA slot games literally flooded city streets. At that time nobody could ever dream about online casino and even Las Vegas just took first steps towards becoming the Gambling Capital. But slots were everywhere. And that’s not far from the truth.

Slot games had 3 reels and relatively small number of symbols. At one side of the machine there was a big handle, by pulling it player made reels spin. Because of this handle, all slot games were called "one handed". They became "Bandits" because they could leave casino players without a penny. Despite this name, video slots quickly became favorite games for a huge number of players.