Online Slots. Methods of Cheating Video Slots

Some websites and individuals offer naive casino players to buy special tools to cheat Novomatic slot games or slots of other developers. Sellers guarantee that installing special coded chips on casino slot is as simple as changing motherboard on your desktop computer. This is one of the most popular methods of cheating casino slot games. However, there's a problem with access to the slot. Who's going to let you unplug video slot, open it, install your chip then close the slot, turn it on and continue playing? At land based casinos every employee and security officers always have other employees and security members watching them like a prison guard. This is designed to prevent casino from customers and casino staff cooperating to cheat. Therefore, methods of using chips to cheat video slots will unlikely be useful for anyone. Don't forget that any slot game software is programmed to pay out a certain percentage. Usually payout is ranging from 87% to 98%. But that doesn't mean that by betting $100, you'll get back, let's say, $98 after 10 spins.

Online Slots. Methods of Cheating Video Slots

You don't need to learn secrets of casino video slots to hit a bonus round that would earn you thousands of coins in one or ten spins. This happens randomly and depends on your luck.

However, there are strategies not only to play casino roulette (or black jack systems), but strategies used to play free online slots and real money slots. As we already mentioned, you are unlikely to beat casino and cheat video slots. But by implementing certain techniques, you can at least avoid big losses, and at most increase your chances of winning while playing slots for money.

Play rationally and only at safe online casinos. Don't become the victim of those who "knows all the casino slot secrets and methods of cheating slots".

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