Online Casino. Top 20 Most Interesting Roulette Facts

Roulette is the favorite game of millions in the whole world; it's in the minds of players from Europe, Asia and Africa. But do we know a lot, except for the fact that roulette game was created somewhere in France in 19th century? American students, who love to guess where roulette ball will stop at New Jersey casino, decided to research some facts about the Queen of casino games. And that's what they found:

Some Facts about Roulette Game

Today there are around 70,000 roulette tables at casinos around the world.

Venetian Casino in Macao has the largest number of roulettes. There are more than 120 tables (including additional VIP-rooms).

All roulette manufacturers produce no more than 5 roulette wheels a day.

The longest roulette spin was registered in Atlantic City. It was 2 minutes 8 seconds long.

All, virtually all of the interviewed by students people knew what roulette game is, but only one out of 50 played it in real life.

Nowadays there are no more than 20 roulette types in the world (including La Boule, fortune wheel, mini-roulette, etc.).

9 out of 10 people playing roulette have one favorite number they try to bet on every time. The same number is special for them in everyday life.

The most popular numbers roulette players have (according to the level of popularity): 32, 17, 2, zero, 5, 29. And in general, numbers from the central colon are more popular than first and third colon numbers.

Top 20 Most Interesting Roulette Facts

Online roulette is the most popular game out of all casino table games (poker and slot machines are not included).

The record roulette prize belongs to Australian magnate, who was able to win 150 million dollars for one night.

Roulette is played by people with high potency. This conclusion is made based on previously conducted researches by British scientists. However, there's a theory that roulette game itself is good for potency both for men and women.

Roulette is played mainly by men. Just 20% of all roulette players are women.

To remove double zero from the roulette wheel, its creator Francois Blanc had to argue for a long time with Monte Carlo casino owners, the House of Grimaldis. Blanc was trying to prove that Monaco income was increasing due to the flow of players, and wasn't decreasing because of lower mathematical edge, as Grimaldis were afraid. Eventually, he convinced the owners, and results exceeded expectations.

Guinness World Records book describes the case when one sector was hit six times in a row, it was number 7. But there are a lot of unverified reports that the same roulette number was hit 7 and sometimes even 8 times in a row at casinos.

There's no single verified case when the roulette successively hit numbers 0,1,2,3,4 and 5. Maximum the sequence was up to number 4.

The biggest roulette bet was placed at Binion's Horseshoe Casino in Las Vegas. Player placed a million dollar bet on red. And he won.

The biggest number of people playing at one roulette table simultaneously was recorded in Italy. The company of 27 people was able to place bets at the same time at Saint Vincente Resort casino in Alps.

There are several exclusive roulettes that have golden parts. One of those roulettes is in Russia in private ownership.

The longest roulette game session took place in Las Vegas when one old lady has played six days without sleep breaks. Of course, she was extremely lucky at that time.

Except for playing roulette at casinos and private clubs, there were lucky people who tried to play roulette:

  • in the jungle;

  • on a sandy beach;

  • in a pool (being in the water);

  • inside a lorry;

  • on the train;

Some casino magnates have plans to organize casino game in space.

Roulette game is a wonderful leisure activity, bright and exciting. We hope that you, our reader, will be next to break a roulette record!