Tips and Advice For First Time Roulette Players at Casino

If you chose practical approach to learning roulette rather than scientific, recommendations below will be quite useful for you. Suppose you are at casino. What do you start with? What to pay attention to, what is important and what you don't need? As we already said before, roulette table bet limits are very important.

Suppose you chose roulette table, results of last spins are analyzed, casino chips are bought. What's next? Below we listed several aspects you should consider before placing first roulette bet at casino.

Watch the Dealer

There are strategies to play roulette, but this casino game is a pure game of chance. Every number has absolutely the same probability of being hit… usually.

But some casino dealers have bad habits. It can happen that all ball throws are absolutely the same; power applied to launch the spin is similar and the speed of wheel spinning isn’t changing too. In this case there's a good chance of having certain number sequences repeat. Casino players just need to notice that.

Tips and Advice For First Time Roulette Players at Casino

Sometimes roulette wheel has defects. But it should be mentioned that casinos inspect roulette equipment very carefully that's why the possibility of defective roulette wheel is quite small. But that happens.

Buying Roulette Chips

Playing roulette with standard chips is not allowed. Every casino player has certain color chips to make it possible to identify winners. To get roulette chips, casino visitors should address dealer. He or she will ask you what chip value you want to have and will give you amount of chips you need.

Colored roulette chips can't be used at other casino tables. That's why after you stop playing, you need to exchange roulette chips to standard casino chips and only after that go to cashier.

Roulette Playing Process

Casino dealer offers to place bets and waits a little bit for roulette players to move their chips. After that he/she throws a ball. When ball is already rolling bets are still allowed until roulette dealer announces that no more bets can be placed.

As soon as roulette ball lands in a pocket with number, casino dealer puts a special marker on a winning number. Then all lost bets are removed from the layout and winning bets are paid according to the payout table.

After every winner is paid the process is repeated.

Place Your Bets

Listen to your intuition. If you don't hear your intuition, remember important for you dates and numbers. Don't pay attention to other casino players' bets since they won't change your chances of winning. Let others follow in your footsteps. Relax and enjoy playing roulette. That's the key roulette secret.