Roulette Casino. The System of an Old Croupier From America

It's said that there was one old roulette dealer who had been working at a casino for more than 30 years but never played at other casinos. All his colleagues lost their salaries playing roulette, but this guy have never touched chips at other casinos. He was a very old roulette dealer who remembered how Las Vegas developed into Sin City and its first casinos. And when he finally retired, in his 70s, he came to casino (some sources say it was MGM Mirage, others say it's MGM Grand) and started to play roulette. Old roulette dealer bought chips for 200,000 dollars, which was everything he saved for years working at casino. But with that money he placed just one minimum European roulette bet on first six numbers. When he lost, he placed the same bets and did so increasing the size of the bet, until one of six numbers was hit. Overall he won a little bit and made another bet on next 6 numbers. The result was the same and he kept betting on next six numbers. Old roulette dealer played for long. Years worked at casino taught him patience; being old he didn’t need much sleep. He sat at the roulette table for about 4 days without sleeping! He managed to place around 7,000 bets during that time and won in total about 10,000 dollars. That's not much, but was probably enough for him. Perhaps the roulette dealer didn't want to earn money, but rather wanted to demonstrate everyone how crucial patience and discipline are in winning at roulette!

The System of an Old Croupier From America

Roulette Strategy at Casino Explained

Old Croupier's system is simple and is built on standard progression in cases online casino player loses. It might seem primitive for some, but using the right approach and enough money, online roulette players can win:

1 bet - 1 chip on 6 numbers

2 bet - 1 chip on 6 numbers

3 bet - 1 chip on 6 numbers

4 bet - 1 chip on 6 numbers

5 bet - 1 chip on 6 numbers

6 bet - 2 chips on 6 numbers

7 bet - 2 chips on 6 numbers

8 bet - 2 chips on 6 numbers

9 bet - 3 chips on 6 numbers

10 bet - 3 chips on 6 numbers

And so on.

Usually bet wins after 10-15 roulette spins. People say that the longest series of maximum bets the Old Croupier had to make was 34. But he had enough money saved while working at casino. Other roulette players tried to repeat his achievement, but too small budget or table limits didn't let them do that. Or sometimes they simply weren't patient enough to constantly place one chip bets.

The story about the Old Croupier is still remembered by Las Vegas casino players. Those roulette dealers, who personally knew that Old Croupier, have never seen him since. People say he moved to Hawaii. What else can a retired man, who dedicated his whole life to roulette, do?