Casino Roulette. Snake Roulette Bet at Online Casino

Snake or red snake online roulette bet is made up of 12 single number bets. It's similar to dozen or colon bet. There are several differences though. Firstly, snake roulette bet includes some numbers from all dozens and colons and thus looks like a snake. Secondly, this online roulette bet is placed only on red numbers.

Snake Roulette Bet at Online Casino

In the table below online casino players will find main characteristics of this roulette online bet

Average payout 2 to 1
Winning number is paid 35 to 1
Probability of winning 32,43%
Number of chips required 12
Single numbers 12
Bet on numbers: 1, 5, 9, 12, 14, 16, 19, 23, 27, 30, 32, 34

This online casino bet is placed on single numbers and doesn't cross those numbers that aren't used. Of course, amount of chips bet on each of the numbers can vary.

Online Roulette and "Snake"

Unfortunately, not every online casino has a special button to place this online roulette bet. At casinos online which do not offer this roulette bet, you can place chips to form zig zag by yourself. Choose any type of roulette at online casino, but be aware that in American roulette you'll have almost 1% lower chances of winning.

There's, unfortunately, no special for a snake bet place on roulette table at land based casinos. But, at casinos where this roulette bet is recognized, casino players can place chips on 31/34 corner, instead of placing chips separately on each number. 31/34 corner bet is used because 34 is the last number in the snake bet series. Of course, the rules of placing snake bet can vary from casino to casino, therefore roulettes casino players need to clarify this aspect before playing.

The History of Snake Bet in Roulette

It's not clear where this bet came from. There are a lot of casinos and players who claim they are authors of this roulette bet. One thing is clear, red zig zag involving numbers from 1 to 34 was used long before it was called "snake" or "red snake". It can't be known for sure where this bet originated. That's the situation similar to the French roulette bets and verbal bets.

Very popular version of "snake" roulette bet history is that it originated in China. There are several reasons to think so. Firstly, a lot of Chinese players use this roulette bet. Secondly, red is the color of happiness and good luck. Thirdly, snake is one of the signs in the Chinese calendar. Taking all these into consideration, we can conclude that there are reasons supporting this version.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Snake Roulette Bet

This roulette bet has advantages and disadvantages at online casinos. Aesthetics is one of the advantages. This online roulette bet looks unique and fun. But placing this online casino bet is time consuming and requires a lot of chips so that you risk losing significant part of you bankroll. These are two disadvantages of snake roulette online bet.

From mathematical point of view, this online casino bet is no different than any other roulette bet. There might be some superstitions, but not actual benefits. So, if for some reasons you like this online roulette bet, use it and win. But don't forget that roulette is a game of chance and online casino players don't have to strictly follow any betting system. Enjoy roulette online and if you win making red snake roulette bet, that would mean you got lucky.