Roulette Strategies and How To Implement Them at Online Casinos

There are numerous roulette strategies which players developed trying to increase edge over online casino. The most effective online roulette strategies happened to be those which are based on changing bet sizes and sequences.

Such systems are called progressive, because they are based on mathematical progressions. Progressive systems are categorized by types: positive and negative. Positive roulette strategies are those which suggest increasing bets after winnings. Negative online roulette strategies require you to bet more chips after losing.

Roulette Strategies

Martingale Strategy For Online Roulette: The Oldest Negative Progression System

Martingale is the oldest and the simplest way to place even money bets. This online roulette system is built on principles of a geometric progression. There are a lot of strategies based on Martingale to implement with various bets and payout coefficients. Find more details about online roulette Martingale strategy.

D'Alembert strategy was developed by 18th century mathematician. More details about D'Alembert strategy for online roulette.

1-3-2-6 positive progression system is based on the assumption that online casino player will have a series of four consecutive winning spins. Learn more about 1-3-2-6 positive progression.

Negative progression roulette system is also known as Labouchere system. Learn about Labouchere roulette online strategy.