Roulette Online. Roulette Legend and Myth Busters

New myths about casino roulette, in contrast to Ancient Greek myths, arise almost every day. Roulette game is too popular at online casinos as well as at land based casinos. By busting some of the myths it's quite possible to increase a little bit the chances of winning while playing online roulette, and as a result, have more money in your pockets.

Myth 1: All Roulettes Are the Same

That's nonsense. And we are not talking about technical aspects. First, let's discuss the differences of the most popular casino roulettes: European and American. At first glance, the difference isn't big. There's just one number added to the row. But the result of adding this number is the drastic change of the situation.

Casino edge in American roulette is almost twice higher than in European roulette. When you play for a long time, this can cause quite a big loss. While deciding on roulette table, it's essential to chose only European roulette.

Roulette Online. Roulette Legend and Myth Busters

Myth 2: Results of Ball Rolling Aren't Random

The most indestructible roulette myth convinces casino players that the sector where roulette ball will fall depends on where the ball stopped during last rounds.

As an example we can consider the situation when red was hit ten times in a row. A lot of casino players are sure that after that red session the chances of hitting black become higher. That's absolute nonsense! Roulette ball doesn't have memory! The chances of hitting the another color is still a bit less than fifty percent, the same as chances of hitting the same color again. Every spin is an independent event, if we speak probability theory language.

There are also many casino players who determine numbers that weren't hit for a long time and then bet on them. Their logic is simple, if each number has to be hit once every 37 rounds, then according to basic math calculations, it's good to look for numbers that weren't hit yet. But that mathematics is true in the long term, and you can never guarantee that the number, that didn't show up a single time for hundred spins, will attract the ball.

Myth 3: You Can Win at Roulette Using Mathematical System

That's the result of a previous myth; many online casino players buy "absolutely reliable" systems to win at roulette. But basically all those systems won't work. We can repeat again that where roulette ball will stop this time doesn't depend on previously hit numbers.

Regarding bet strategies such as Martingale or D'Alembert, casino rules are designed the way that fans of those strategies lose. Online casinos do not rush anywhere, they have a lot of time to wait for the moment when player will make a bad wager and lose.

Casino roulette is the game of chance, use your chance and you'll leave casino with winnings.

Myth 4: Money Management

Principles of money management are important and necessary but don't change mathematical casino edge. Casino online will get its profit anyway, regardless of whether you manage your bankroll or not. This is a casino law and a player isn't able to change it.

All roulette myths are the products of the form of art and dreams about receiving everything at once without efforts. Roulette game is a great way to relax and feel thrilled. The most unpleasant situation is when roulette becomes the only hope for salvation. Of course, there are miracle winnings, but dramatic losses happen as well. Keep yourself under control, relax, have fun playing casino roulette.