Repetition Strategy To Play Roulette at Online Casinos

There are lots of theories explaining how roulette should be played. There are also many claims that playing roulette is just a waste of money. That's mainly true if you don't consider monetary value of joy and relaxation online roulette players get from playing. Roulette online is a pure game of chance. That's why placing a couple of bets on green roulette table cloth is a great leisure activity and a good opportunity to get some thrill. Every online casino player decides whether roulette is worth spending money or not. Some people enjoy jumping with parachute.

Spinning of a roulette wheel spinning and rolling of a ball are two absolutely random events. To avoid any repetition, roulette dealer changes the direction of the ball and wheel. Casino dealer doesn't know what number will win next, of course, if he/she isn't cheating. To avoid any suspicions, roulette players should first choose casinos with good reputation and long history.

Despite good luck being the only factor of winning at roulette, online casino players repeatedly try to use various systems hoping to win at online casino. One of these systems is the repetition strategy.

What Is Repetition Strategy at Online Casinos

The strategy is based on assumption that winning roulette numbers repeat with a certain regularity, and that's actually so. The logic is that if previously for some time roulette ball stopped in the same pocket several times, that number will definitely be hit. But that assumption is false.

factor of winning at roulette

Roulette players implementing this strategy observe the game for a long time remembering winning numbers. After noting some winning numbers repeat, casino players bet on them. For example, for the last hour number 17 was hit three times, that means online roulette players should bet on 17 and this number will soon be hit. Most often this online roulette strategy results in big losses since online casino players base their calculations on false assumptions.

The only reason the same number can be repeatedly hit, more frequently than other roulette numbers considering large sample of spins, is the defect of the roulette wheel or wrong angle of the wheel tilt. Casino history knows a lot of examples when casino staff forgot about servicing roulette equipment and let defective roulette wheels work. Even big casinos in Monte Carlo and Las Vegas used to have such cases. But today it's incredibly hard to find defective roulette wheels, therefore hoping to find one is a big and expensive mistake.

At a good casino forecasting winning roulette sectors based on winning numbers in previous rounds is worthless. Results of the roulette rounds are random. Instead of wasting time implementing this strategy, it's better to use it to think of a betting system which can help you play longer with the same amount of money.

Roulette is a game of chance. Chances can be improved by avoiding risky and potentially losing situations. It's also better to avoid double zero roulette because casinos earn two times more than usually from these roulette tables. Know how much you can afford to spend and may the odds be ever in your favor.