Martingale Strategy to Play Online Casino Roulette

The principle of the system is very simple. After losing, online casino players should increase their bet by the amount that in case of winning would return lost money and give minimum profit. For example, casino online player bets on even money which pay 1 to 1. Online casino gamer starts with the lowest possible bet. If won, he/she repeats the bet. If lost, the bet size is doubled.

In theory, implementing this strategy online casino players eventually always win if they have enough money for ever increasing bets. In reality, online casino players can't do that because of roulette table limits. As soon as the bet becomes bigger than table maximum, the chance of compensating losses is lost.

Number in a series Bet size Total bets lost Probability of winning Probability of losing
1 1 1 48,6% 51,4%
2 2 3 72,9% 27,1%
3 4 7 85,7% 14,3%
4 8 15 92,5% 7,5%
5 16 31 96,0% 4,0%
6 32 63 97,9% 2,1%
7 64 127 98,9% 1,1%
8 128 255 99,4% 0,6%
9 256 511 99,7% 0,3%
10 512 1023 99,8% 0,02%

Martingale Strategy

There's also positive Martingale online roulette system. Online casino players increase bet size after winning. Prize money is used to place bets. It's very important for online roulette player to determine the moment to decrease bets before the bet is lost. That's because there's a high probability of constantly losing minimum bets.

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