Online Roulette. Interesting Roulette Facts

At first sight you can't see anything special about this casino game: light roulette ball and a wheel with colored sectors. It's hard to believe that this casino roulette wheel has a more than hundred year history. Casino roulette is so old that if someone would try to write roulette history, than a huge library would be necessary to keep all those thousands of books. While playing roulette, people who loved to gamble, went bankrupt and became rich in few hours, fraudsters created new tricks and clergy considered this casino game a sin. For centuries of roulette history a huge number of interesting facts about it were collected. Everyone who loves to spend time at casino should know those facts.

Popular Roulette Variations

Roulette is the third among the most popular casino games. First two positions belong to craps and slot machines. Overall there are several types of casino roulette. The most prominent out of them are: French, American, Professional and European. Casino edge in European roulette is around 2.7%. This value is bigger than casino edge in poker and let it ride, where casino edge is 2.3% and 3.5%. And this type of roulette is considered the most profitable for casino player.

Evil Casino Game

Perhaps many of you has already heard of the name roulette was given "evil game". The reason of roulette bearing this name is that the game isn’t only risky but also has a strong hypnotic effect that can be experienced when roulette wheel is spinning and all the numbers are blurring. Famous triple six is the evil number. It is the sum of all the numbers on the wheel. Another theory of why roulette got its name is based on a legend about two brothers who sold their souls to devil at one of Monte Carlo casinos to get the secret of guessing next round results.

Online Roulette. Interesting Roulette Facts

Roulette Creation Story

Casino roulette was created accidentally during one of Blaise Pascal's experiments. He had this good idea while experimenting. The name of this casino game is a French word that can be translated as a "little wheel". Once Albert Einstein mentioned about playing roulette that you will get money when playing roulette only if you steal them. The scientist was quite sure that implementing systems and theories of receiving winnings are useless in case of roulette.

Secrets That Aren't Widely Known

Overall American type of roulette has 5 bets that offer casino player lowest chances of winning. If casino customer places bets on double zero, zero, three, two or one. These bets give casino the highest edge that is 7.89%. The weight of a real roulette wheel is 60 kg, and by spinning the wheel dealer is just setting the pace. After casino dealer pushes the wheel, counterclockwise rotation is enabled by a special tool.

Las Vegas Story

One Englishman stood out because of his unique sense of adventure. Casino player named Ashley Revell, placed all the money he received from selling his possessions. A house, car, smaller valuables, everything was sold to make a big casino bet that would determine Englishman's destiny. By betting his whole life on red, Revell won $135,300.