How to play at online casino roulette

As roulette enjoys wild popularity among clients of both land-based and online casinos, the latter view this legendary game as a priority on their list of casino games. At major online casinos, roulette is available in several variations to meet every client’s needs.

Despite slightly different rules, roulette variations feature roughly the same play process, which makes it easy to switch between European, French, and American roulettes. Furthermore, at online casino you can do that in just one click.

How to play at roulette

You cannot play at roulette in automated mode. Although online roulette incorporates a computer algorithm, a player needs to place bets by themselves or repeat their previous bet by clicking on a certain button. At the same time, even such a “semi-automated” mode allows to speed up the play process in a significant way.

Roulette is the not the best choice for those who love fast play pace. This is a game for deep thinkers who love to detect patters in the way a roulette ball is landing on the wheel. But you can always speed up the pace by making the same bets.

How to play online casino roulette

Winning roulette strategies

Roulette features plenty of winning strategies, and many of them were invented especially for this game centuries ago. Despite their respectable age, they are continuing to keep foothold in online casino industry – even though their effectiveness causes serious doubt.

The main problem of all roulette strategies is that they do not allow players to beat online casino. The reason is that payouts are always lower than the probability of your bet winning. However, roulette strategies definitely enhance your enjoyment from the play process.

To avoid heavy losses, you should never use unknown roulette strategies in real-money mode. We recommend you to test such strategies in free demo mode first.

Live casino and roulette

Playing at roulette with live dealer is a very exciting experience. High-profile online casinos offer several live roulette tables. In live mode, you can communicate with the dealer and other players, make higher bets, and watch a ball spinning on the wheel on your screen. While in standard online roulette winning numbers are randomly generated by a computer algorithm, live roulette mode uses a totally real roulette ball and wheel. European and American roulettes are the two roulette games mostly available in live mode.