Casino Roulette. Being Smart Can Be a Problem or Why Fibonacci Roulette Strategy Doesn't Work at Online Casinos

There are a lot of online casino players who sincerely believe that roulette results are somehow connected to prior winning numbers. These online roulette players try to develop their own strategy based on various mathematical theories.

One of the most popular systems of this kind is built on Fibonacci sequence. This sequence was introduced by an inventor who was also a mathematician living in 13th century. Leonardo Pisano (Fibonacci) used his sequence in his researches related to nature, biology and natural sciences.

Many online casino players don't even suspect they use such a mystery system to play online roulette. Nevertheless, this roulette strategy is quite popular. But implementing this method at online casinos would give the same effect as telling the future using a cup of coffee or some of shamans' tricks.

Fibonacci Sequence Implementation in Roulette

Fibonacci sequence is a series of numbers which has the sum of two previous numbers as the next number. Some online casino players think that if you use this sequence to determine next winning online roulette number, you can win.

Fibonacci Roulette Strategy

Let's consider the following situation as an example. Online casino dealer throws roulette ball, last winning number is 1, current spin gives 5. Online casino player does simple mathematical calculations and bets on number 6 forecasting a win. This is a common logical mistake when the conclusion is drawn based on wrong assumptions.

Roulette ball doesn't have memory or any other factors affecting results except for centrifugal and gravitational forces. That's why online casino player just wastes his/her time trying to find imaginary connection between previous and next winning numbers in roulette. The probability of hitting any online roulette number is always the same and is equal to 1/37.

Many online casino players will say that they clearly saw that after 17 roulette ball stopped on sector 5 and then 22. They use this case as a proof the system works. We could accept their statement if 22 would always be hit after 17 and 5. But actually that's not true and is just a coincidence. Instead of 22, roulette ball could stop on any other sector with the same probability. Moreover, if certain series of numbers are regularly hit, online roulette players should seriously think of leaving this online casino. That's because this situation can’t be explained other than online casino cheating its customers.

Roulette is the game of chance. It doesn't tolerate any exact science. Finding the sum of bets and their amount are the only calculations useful for online casino players. Various bonus programs and promotions can be also quite lucrative and can reduce online casino edge in roulette.