D'Alembert System to Play Online Roulette at Casino

D'Alembert system, as many other similar strategies, was developed in 18th century. Scientists always used to spend much time experimenting with game theories.

In contrast to Martingale, D'Alembert uses arithmetic progression to determine online roulette bet sizes. When lost, the roulette bet is increased by one chip. After winning, online roulette bet should be decreased by one. Disadvantages of this online casino roulette strategy are small winnings and a slow process of winning back lost money in case of unlucky streak.

Bet size Result Total balance Action
Bet $5 Loss $95 Increase by $5
Bet $10 Loss $85 Increase by $5
Bet $15 Loss $70 Increase by $5
Bet $20 Win 3,5x20+$50=$120 $5
Bet $5 Loss $115 Increase by $5

Positive progression, built on the same principles, gives much better results.