Casino Roulette. Comparison of Progressive Roulette Strategies at Online Casinos

Analysis of successful roulette players' behavior helped determine a series of factors affecting outcomes. First of all, researchers found that player experience and casino are two very significant factors. Professional online roulette player often can see what novice players can't. Experienced gamers can draw right conclusions and benefit from that. But online roulette betting strategy also has great impact on player's style and amount of winnings. We'll compare some roulette strategies. Find more details about numbers and tables here!

Playing Online Roulette Without Using Progressive Strategies

Such strategies are usually called linear. In contrast to progressive roulette systems, they are much less effective if the goal is to increase bankroll. From the other hand, linear online roulette strategies are much less risky. They are perfect for those online casino players who just came to relax playing roulette and don't care about losses or winnings.

Progressive Roulette Strategies

Negative Progression

If you want to use the simplest roulette strategy with negative progression, try to make equal chances bets increasing your bet by 1 chip every time you lose and decreasing your bet by the same amount after you win. This is very simple. If you play short sessions, in most of the cases you'll be able to win some money to pay for the movies or restaurant.

Using this roulette strategy at online casinos is very simple, but results aren't stable. When online roulette player is unlucky, losses can be very big. That's why online casino players need to remember about dangers and inevitability of losing streaks. At casinos online you can't be always lucky. But in short run any online roulette player can win and skillful roulette players always win more.

Online casinos always win. That's the nature of casino business. For online casino player it's important to be among those who are lucky today and their winnings will be paid by other online casino gamers.

Positive Progression System

The principle of this strategy is to decrease bet size after online roulette player loses and increase after winnings. The major problem of such approach is that it doesn’t help online casino players to win, but helps to play as long as possible.

The Best Roulette Strategy

The best roulette strategy is to know the next number. Some online casino players use various systems and think that their assumptions are 90% correct. Even if that would be true, roulette players shouldn't implement simple strategies, because they can make you lose a lot if you are wrong.

Internet has many roulette systems which, according to their authors, give players edge over online casinos. We won't challenge those statements. But even to check whether roulette betting system is effective or not, there should be another betting system, which can help prove or disprove that.

Suppose you determined certain pocket of the roulette wheel where a ball should land. In this case, if the theory is true, during next several spins you'll definitely win. The goal of online roulette strategies is to maximize winnings and minimize possible losses.

In this case it's better to use aggressive betting strategy. Let's say you start by betting 1 casino chip on each of selected numbers. You repeat this bet for three spins, and increase all bets by 1 more chip if you haven't won. In case 2 chip bets don't win, you again increase bets by 1 chip each. In the end, if you didn't win even once and your bet grew to 9 chips, most probably edge over online casino you calculated isn't that high as you expected. Or you probably have bad luck streak which happens in any online casino game.

Using progressive roulette system can't help you get edge over online casino. When implementing progressive betting systems, your aim is to win as soon as possible and leave online casino with the amount you planned to win. Online roulette players shouldn't forget that casinos aren't charity organizations. Casino staff are constantly watching players to prevent any form of cheating. You won't be alone implementing progressive roulette strategies. These tools are used by many casino players.

Be very careful with your bankroll. The risk of losing all your money too fast is extremely high, and you won't even notice how you went bankrupt. Remember that accounting is very important even while playing casino games. Good luck at roulette tables.