Online Casinos. Gambling and Online Gambling in Canada

Canada can hardly be called the leader in gambling industry. But nevertheless, there are casinos working, sports betting segment and lottery market are operating smoothly, and what is important, online gambling is available to Canada citizens. But let's discuss everything step by step...

Different Canada Provinces

While developing the subject of gambling in Canada, we would like to point out that laws in various provinces can significantly differ. For instance, in Alberta province casinos are open for visitors not younger than 18. Except for land based casinos, sports totalizators and lotteries are available there.

In British Columbia adrenaline rush of gambling can be experienced only by those who are 19 and older. Brick-and-mortar casinos and totalizators also operate there, in addition to lotteries there are bingo and slot machines. Out of 10% of casino profits 1.7% is paid as tax and goes to the budget. Online gambling is also regulated by law and is allowed only on BCLC (British Columbia Lottery Corp.) website.

Gambling and Online Gambling in Canada

In Labrador province age limits are the same as in British Columbia. Only lottery organized by local authority is legal online. Offline gambling offers players racings and lotteries. Similar gambling situation is in New Brunswick and Newfoundland.

In Manitoba age limitations are lowered to 18 years. On the territory of this province there are land based casinos, in addition, players can entertain themselves with horse racing bets and regular lottery rounds. Online gambling is allowed on familiar to us BCLC portal.

Players from Northwest Territories are in worst situation. Just one state lottery is legal there.

In Ontario, Saskatchewan, Yukon provinces and on Prince Edward Island gambling is allowed to 19 year olds and older. State lotteries are organized online. Offline segment consists of casinos, sports bookmakers and lotteries.

People in Quebec can play after reaching the age of 18. There are several lotteries and poker rooms legally working online. Online gambling in Quebec is available on websites of Loto Quebec, Atlantic Lottery and BCLC. In real life there are casinos, non state lotteries and totalizators available.

From the information above we know that Canadians, who love to gamble, can find activity they like. Canadian gambling industry offers land based casinos with card games/slot machines, as well as horse race betting. State and private lotteries are widespread. It's also possible to play at foreign online casinos, but despite that, some foreign casinos don't allow Canadians to register.