Future Of Online Gambling In Canada

Online gambling industry experienced significant growth and received great revenues during the last decade. Those made government think that regulating the industry is more than necessary. But the question is whether or not federal and provincial government will take steps to regulate online gambling, or this function will be performed by non-governmental organizations.

Future Of Online Gambling In Canada

According to global gambling forecast published by PwC Company, Canada can become better than United States in terms of online casino industry regulations on the state level, while cooperation among provinces will keep improving. These measures will stimulate further growth and attract more onshore and offshore providers in Canada. Except for local casino operators, Canadian online gambling market can attract American companies that manage land based casinos.

Supporters of this idea think that no changes in legal status of gambling games stated in Criminal Code of Canada will be met without significant opposition by political entities whose economical interests would be threatened by further liberalization of gambling industry.

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Reply #1 on : Fri March 03, 2017, 02:15:28
This business will certainly grow, it goes without saying... Gambling gives me so much excitement and adrenaline as nothing else in life)) I think such is a situation for most of us here. So, I hope that there will be more and more places where we will be able to play, land-based and online ones)) Thanx for information)