Gambling. Online Casino Disadvantages

A lot was said about advantages of online casinos. Online casinos really give wide range of opportunities to play casino games by offering players high payout percentages and interesting promotions.

But there are also disadvantages. And it's up to you to decide how critical those online casino disadvantages are.

Responsible Gaming

At every online casino there is always a section about responsible gambling. Several paragraphs written by casino administration warn that casino games can bring you big winnings but can cause gambling addiction. That's all online casinos in most of the cases do to show they care about their players.

Online Gambling and Online Casino Disadvantages

Online casino games lack control and this is the problem. At land based casinos employees can make a player go (and even have to do that), if he/she is making bets several hours in a row. But at online casinos nothing like that is done.

Self exclusion opportunities are rarely used. Casino players can't control their gambling by themselves, and online casinos do nothing to help them.

A Lot Of Online Casinos Without License

Despite quite serious regulators' efforts, there are always several online casinos in any country which offer their services illegally. Usually such casinos operate in countries where there are no gambling laws. However, Britain and Greece also have online casinos breaking the law.

The most unpleasant for casino player fact is that no online casino will ever confess of its illegal status. That's why you need to be extra careful while choosing online casino. Casinos have to have license. It's better if casino works at least 2-3 years.

Withdrawal Delays

Online casino players almost all the time experience some withdrawal delays. Sometimes they have to wait no longer than an hour, but in some cases cashing winnings out can take several days and even weeks. These delays happen because of the specifics of payment systems, and online casinos aren't guilty.