Do Online Craps Strategies and Systems Work?

As we know, casino players get extremely creative when they develop various winning strategies. Today there are countless strategies of all sorts used to play casino games. Authors of those strategies promise and sometimes guarantee to make you rich with minimum investments.

Before you implement any strategy, remember that all success promises are absolutely worthless and don't mean anything. Albert Einstein, who was definitely familiar with exact sciences, when asked about the best strategy to play casino games, recommended stealing chips from table while dealer couldn't see. Our days are the days of unique offerings, and you can find on the internet obvious nonsense which would be advertised as a casino game strategy.

Why It Doesn't Work And How To Get Edge Playing Online Craps?

Today there are a lot of various online casino game simulations available on computer. These simulations give the opportunity to test how effective those systems actually are by simulating slot reel spins, roulette spins and dice shots.

Do casino craps strategies and systems work? Regardless of the results you receive, you can't trust them 100%, because human factor is not considered. And human factor plays significant role in online casino craps.

Do Online Craps Strategies and Systems Work?

Usually experienced online casino players have certain skills to control casino craps dice. This way they can affect the results of the game session. Even if casino player can slightly influence the results and is able to avoid getting losing combination, online casino edge will be eliminated.

But everything mentioned above doesn't mean that after you learned dice control technique to play casino craps, you'll begin to win enormous amount of money. In the long run casino player can expect to achieve the same results as black jack card counters.

Recommendations For Casino Craps Players

To increase your chances of winning, we recommend starting to play at empty tables (even though that's not what online casino craps players traditionally do). Get ready for more players to join the game after the table is open. To attract less players to your table, don't show how happy you are when shots are successful. We also recommend:

  1. Always practice controlling the dice
  2. Place bets with minimum casino edge
  3. Play at empty tables and leave online casino craps tables when a lot of other players join the game.

Perhaps these recommendations will be more effective than all existing systems and strategies altogether.