Don't Pass Online Craps Strategy

Casino craps is one of the games created in the Middle Ages. Today casino craps is still extremely popular and that's mostly thanks to movies, in particular movies featuring James Bond. Many online casino players try to find their own strategy to play online craps. That strategy should match their playing style and ensure high chances of winning. Novice online casino players are recommended to follow casino craps strategy.

Any novice online casino player wants to know how to play online craps. The answer for this question is simple and clear. Casino players have to know rules of the game, especially types of online craps bets. Correct implementation of what is learned is one of the keys to playing casino craps. There are quite a lot of bet types in casino craps and each of these bets gives different chances of winning.

Don't Pass Online Craps Strategy

Don't Pass Craps Online Strategy

Casino industry development requires introduction of more and more gaming services online. That’s why it's not surprising that today you can play online craps sitting at your house and opening any of the casinos online. As a result, the question of how to win at craps online draws a lot of interest.

Don't pass online craps strategy isn't welcomed by majority of casinos online, because it significantly increases players' chances of winning. Using this strategy, players place Don't pass line bets. Online casino players lose if 7 or 11 is rolled and win when 2 or 3 is rolled. If the sum is 12, it's a tie, not quite a good scenario because online casino has its edge unchanged. In case "point" number is determined, don't pass line bet wins even if the shooter rolls 7. That means don't pass gives casinos online minimum advantage of just 1.36%.

At land based casinos bets against a shooter and majority of other casino players at the table will definitely cause players' disapproval. But this problem doesn't exist when you play craps online. Therefore, this casino craps strategy is one of the best if you play at online casinos. Online casino edge can be further reduced if lay odds bets are made on don't pass line. In this case online casino will have zero edge. But online craps player will need to place bets paying 2 to 1.