Craps. Basic Casino Craps Bets

In this article we'll talk about basic online craps bets, they are: Pass Line (Don't Pass Line), Come (Don't Come) and Odds.

Pass Line Bets

This online craps bet is placed on the Pass Line field before the first time the dice are rolled. If roll is 7 or 11, you automatically win, and the round ends. If the shooter rolls 2, 3 or12 the combination is called Craps and you lose. When any other sum is rolled, it's called Point. Casino player's bet stays on the table before other dice throws will give seven or Point. Winning in online craps is possible when Point number is rolled before 7. If 7 is rolled before Point that means casino player lost. Winnings are paid 1 to 1.

Craps. Basic Casino Craps Bets

Don't Pass Line Bets

This casino craps bet is the opposite of bet considered above, and casino chips are placed on a special Don't Pass Line field before the first shot. While placing this bet, player is hoping to see 7 before Point number is rolled. Winning after the first throw is announced if Craps combination (2, 3) is rolled or next rolls give 7. If first throw gives 12, the bet is returned to online casino player. Bet is lost if after the first throw the dice show 7 or 11, and if the following shots give Point number. The bet is paid 1:1.

Come Bets

This bet in online craps is placed on a special Come field after the first throw, after Point number is determined. It wins if shooter gets 7 or 11. If Craps combination (2, 3, 12) is rolled, casino player loses. If Come point combination (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10) is rolled, the bet is automatically moved from Come field to the corresponding Come point field. If the same combination is rolled again prior to having 7, player wins. In case of rolling 7 before the combination, online casino player loses. That means that Come bet is basically the same as Pass Line bet, but is placed after Come out roll. Winnings are paid 1:1.

Don't Come Bet

This type of casino craps bet is the opposite of the previously discussed bet. Chips are placed on the table in the special sector after the first throw. The bet wins if the sum is 2, 3. The bet loses when 7 or 11 is rolled. The bet is returned to a player if 12 is rolled. The other sums give a player Don't Come point combination. Chips are automatically moved to the left upper corner of the field, to the sector corresponding to the sum. The bet pays 1:1 if after moving chips the shooter rolls 7. In case when Don't come number is rolled, casino player loses.

Odds Bet

This online craps bet is used in addition to four bets discussed above. Depending on online casino rules, Odds bet size can exceed initial bet by no more than several times. Odds bets are usually placed outside the corresponding field (Pass, Don't Pass, Come, Don't Come) but next to it.

When the sum is 4, 10 then Pass Odds and Come Odds bets pay 2:1, if the sum is 5, 9 the coefficient is 3:2, having 6, 8 casino player gets 6:5. Regarding Don't pass odds and Don't come odds bets, winnings are paid the following way: if 4 or 10 is rolled, coefficient is 1:2, if the sum is 5, 9 then 2:3 is paid, if the sum is 6, 8 - player gets 5:6.

In contrast to previously mentioned bets, player has the right to cancel odds bet if it hasn't participated in the round.