Online Craps Basic Strategy

As many other games, casino craps is the game in which results mainly depend on chance. That means online casino players are unable to get an edge over casino or increase their chances of winning. That's because it's impossible to develop a 100% effective casino craps strategy which would guarantee stable winnings. But there are some basic principles which can't offer online casino players stable winnings, but at least, can ensure getting profit in the long run. Let's discuss such principles.

Basic Casino Craps Strategy: Choosing Bets

The result of each online craps round is determined by a throw of the dice, to be more precise, the sum of two dice points. Of course, at this stage of the game there's no way online casino players can affect the results. There are no casinos left today where gamblers could cheat using special dice with wrong center of gravity to predict result of a roll. Online casino players also can't affect the results. The sum of online craps dice is determined by random number generator.

Online Craps Basic Strategy

That's why the only possible strategy for casino craps players, which would have some slight effect, is to rationally choose bets. Using this online craps strategy, online casino players can reduce house edge a little bit. As a result, player's chances of winning increase.

To follow basic casino craps strategy and win thanks to it, online casino players first need to learn betting system and types of casino craps bets. Knowing everything about craps online betting system is important because different bets give casinos different edge. Some bets are profitable for online casino players because they give low house edge while others, in contrast, give casinos high edge and therefore aren't profitable for casino craps player.

What casino craps bets are the most profitable for players? First of all, they are line bets (Pass Line and Don't Pass Line) and Come/Don't Come. These bets pay small winnings, their coefficient is just 1 to 1. But the chance of winning making one of such bets is much higher. The worst craps bets for online casino players are Single Roll bets. They give the lowest chances of winning.