Casino Games. Rational Limits For Online Casino Bets

What online casino bet size can be considered rational? Some casino players prefer low risk and small limits, while others bet big and don't think about money.

There are much more casino players, who place small size bets. Online casinos don't have a lot of rich players.

That probably can be explained by low limits for many slot machines and other casino games.

Standard minimum bet is one cent. At some online casinos it's 5 or 10 cents. Very rarely casinos online set higher minimum bet limits.

There're no bets less than 1 cent. We need to take into account that in case of slot machines this small bet is possible only if casino customer has just one active payline. If there are 2 paylines used, then total minimum bet rises to 2 cents and so on.

Casino Games. Rational Limits For Online Casino Bets

Casino card games often have higher bet limits. Black jack and video poker can offer bets starting from 10 cents and more.

It's hard to say if it's rational to place only minimum bets. When small casino bets are made, the size of a possible payout is also small and online casino players risk getting no pleasure from playing.

It's obvious that rational limit is the one that makes casino players take risk, and at the same time feel happy after winning.

That's quite a fine line which cannot always be correctly determined since any big bet is risky by definition.

Perhaps optimal limit for casino player is the one that doesn’t involve too high risk of losing all money, and doesn’t make casino customers worry about their financial stability.

However, any online casino has maximum bet limits that fully satisfy the desire to bet big. Slot machines, for instance, offer betting $10-$20 per spin. That's a lot of money if we consider that slot machine does 10 spins a minute.

Casino roulette limits are even higher. You can bet $100 on one sector. In case of live casinos, several thousand bets can be possible if agreed with casino dealer.