Chances of Winning at Online Casino Games

The number of online casino players is growing every year. Absolute majority of them hope to win playing casino games and improve their financial conditions.

There are chances of reaching their goal, but they aren't high. Statistics of winnings show unfavorable for casino players results. It's impossible that online casino will stay without profit, while majority of its customers end up winning.

Chances of Winning at Online Casino Games

From the other hand, payouts at online casinos happen quite frequently. The situation when casino player can't hit any winning combination for an hour seems absolutely impossible. Some online casinos even offer special bonuses for those players who weren’t lucky several rounds in a row.

Online casinos have all conditions for paying small size winnings. But if we are talking about big payouts, only few players have them.

First of all, the thing is that the majority of bets are quite small. As a result, it's hard to get big winnings. Those casino players who got used to take risks and can afford placing high limit bets, receive corresponding rewards. But there aren't many high rollers at online casinos, and even big casinos have no more than just dozens of them.

Regarding progressive jackpots, they are paid very rarely. In this case, the size of the bet doesn't matter, but the chances of hitting jackpot can be considered so small that we can disregard them. Winning a big prize is almost impossible.

Considering everything mentioned above, it's not difficult to draw conclusion that small winnings happen regularly and frequently. Big payouts are possible only under condition that casino player makes big bets. Or he/she has high paying combinations.

But in both cases online casino has an edge.

Progressive jackpots give a chance to win at online casinos, but can be hit very rarely.