Casino Black Jack. Surrender Rule At Online Casinos, or Folding In Black Jack Game

Surrender rule is available at around 35% of all online casinos (usually they are Playtech casinos online). The goal of this rule is to let online black jack players surrender after getting first two cards if they don’t like their cards, considering online casino dealer doesn't have a black jack combination. In this case black jack dealer takes players’ cards together with half of their bets and online casino players don't play this round.

Surrender rule is quite simple, but even at online casinos, which offer this rule, majority of online black jack players never use it or use it in absolutely wrong way.

Why Surrender Rule Is Profitable For Online Casino Players?

The truth is, Surrender is just the great opportunity for online casino players if they use it correctly. Here is a standard situation. Suppose you are dealt two cards giving you 16 points, black jack game dealer has 10 points. This happens on average once in 30 minutes. You think that you can win this round in 1/4 of the cases? No, that's a wrong assumption.

Surrender Rule At Online Casinos, or Folding In Black Jack Game

Basically, every time you have less than 1/4 chance of winning a round, you should use Surrender. And here's why. Let's say you are playing for several hours today and you had these damned 16 points against dealer's 10. If you would use Surrender and forfeit half your bet, then after four rounds you would lose 2 bets with a 100% probability. Right? But if you would choose to play out every online black jack round, you would need to win one and lose three rounds to have the same 2 bets lost. Usually that's not the case.

How to Use Surrender Rule In Black Jack Game

There are several more cases in Black Jack online when you have even lower chance of winning than 1 out of four, but 16 against online casino dealer's 10 is a classic example. This is the main scenario when you need to remember about Surrender. It will save your money in most of the cases. What are other situations online casino players better surrender? In multi-deck black jack if online casino dealer stands on any 17, players should choose to surrender in cases:

  • 15 against 10
  • 16 against 9
  • 16 against 10
  • 16 against Ace

When casino online dealer hits on soft 17, you should remember that besides above mentioned situations, you need to surrender in cases:

  • 15 against Ace
  • 17 against Ace
  • 8/8 against Ace

Remember that Surrender should be used before online casino dealer checks cards for black jack. You won't have this opportunity if dealer has a black jack.

So what's the value of Surrender for a prudent player if he/she plays following all the rules and canons of black jack game? That's not enough to turn a good online casino player who follows basic strategy, into an absolute winner. But this online black jack rule can reduce losses by 15%! Let's say, if last year you lost $1,000 playing online black jack, using surrender your losses would be $850.