Some Special Black Jack Rules

In most cases online casino player can Double Down after receiving first two cards. Doubling Down allows just one additional card and then it will be dealer's turn to act.

Very rarely online casinos offer the option of Tripling Down the bet. After online casino player uses doubling down, he/she can place another bet and get the last card, fourth one.

Insurance in Black Jack

If dealer's face up card is an ace, casino online always offers black jack players insurance bet against dealer’s possible black jack combination. To buy insurance, online casino player makes additional bet and places chips on a special sector. In case online casino dealer really has a black jack combination, insurance bet will be paid 2 to 1. If dealer doesn't have black jack then insurance bet is lost.

Some Special Black Jack Rules

Surrender Rule in Online Black Jack

Some online casinos offer players even more lucrative rules which in rare cases can make black jack game profitable for gamers. I'm talking about Blackjack Surrender rule which is usually presented at all Playtech casinos online. In this online black jack variation player has the opportunity to surrender. After receiving first two cards, online casino player can evaluate the situation and decide to stop playing this round paying half of his/her bet. Online casinos allow surrender only after first two cards are dealt. The most dangerous dealer's card that almost always makes online casino player surrender is definitely an ace.

Other Special Black Jack Game Rules

At some online casinos players receive higher payouts for getting triple sevens or having more than five cards that give 21 points in total. Usually these rules can be found in online black jack with progressive jackpot. Let's say, you win a tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands jackpot if you receive three sevens of the same suit.

It should be mentioned that casino online gets the edge because players are always first to make decisions. Therefore, online casino player risks going bust without knowing both dealer cards which can pose absolutely no threat. Experienced black jack players have advantage since they can use a wide range of options. Online casino player can double the bet, split a pair of the same value cards or even surrender! In any case it's always up to the player to decide what tools to use. To read more about black jack game rules, visit the page discussing black jack bets.