The Simplicity of Black Jack Game and How It Can Be Used To Your Advantage

Black jack casino card game is played by players and a dealer. There are two ways casino players can win. First of all, online casino player can get additional cards in order to collect 21 points in total or have as close to this amount sum of points as possible without exceeding 21. There's another opportunity to win. Having any sum of points (not exceeding 21), online casino player has the right to stand and hope for the opponent to bust due to getting more than 21 points.

The winner is determined based on these rules. Whoever gets more points without exceeding 21, wins. If one of the online black jack participants will hold cards giving more than 21 points in total, that participant loses. When first two cards are Ace and Ten, the combination is called a black jack.

The Simplicity of Black Jack Game

In most of the cases black jack game rules state that online casino dealer has to get more cards until the amount of points is more than 16. This means that online casino dealer will hit to get 17 or more points. Thanks to this black jack rule, casino online player can hope for winning even if he/she doesn’t have quite strong combination, for instance 14 or 16 points. To try to win in this situation it's enough just to stand and let online casino dealer play and hope for dealer to bust.

Online casino player with a black jack combination wins automatically if dealer doesn't have the same value cards. Push situation is also possible if online black jack player and dealer have the same amount of points. In this case the bet is returned to casino player. Note that black jack combination wins even if the opponent has 21 points holding three or more cards. Card values in black jack game are the following: Ace gives 1 or 11 points. Face cards and tens give 10 points. The rest of the cards have the same value as their nominal values.

But Black Jack online is also interesting because of special rules which help to lower casino edge and sometimes make it considerably lower.