Black Jack Online. Rule of Seven Cards in Black Jack

Black jack is known across the world as one of the most widespread, popular and interesting casino card games. It would be fair to mention that despite common assumption, casino black jack is not just about luck (that's true for other online casino games).

With time popularity of black jack became so high that online casino players created several ways to play black jack. The goal while playing black jack is always the same, but the rules can slightly change. Notice that some black jack variations give the opportunity to get desired black jack combination only with first two cards, but there are, of course exceptions. Casino gamers play black jack rounds only against dealers, but the order of opening cards can be different. In this article we'll tell you about unusual "rule of seven cards".

Rule of Seven Cards in Online Black Jack for novice player

What Rule of Seven Cards in Black Jack is About

According to this rule, if a player gets seven cards in a row without exceeding 21, he/she automatically becomes the winner, despite what cards holds dealer (except for dealer holding black jack). Therefore, casino players' chances to receive solid winning increase considerably. Rule of seven cards is implemented in case of six deck black jack game and when each deck has 52 cards.

While playing black jack, online casino customers can make various bets and choose features they want. Casino player always has the opportunity to buy black jack insurance, double, split a pair and surrender (if rules of the variation of black jack you play allow). If you split a pair, in this case you need to place one more bet, its size should be equal to initial bet.

How To Use The Rule

To get the necessary amount of points (we are talking about not getting more than 21), casino players can't split cards regardless of whether you have a pair or not. In this case you risk exceeding the limit. The rule of seven cards is the most effective when you have deuces and threes, but be aware that the possibility of player getting exactly these cards (even if black jack is played using several decks) is very small.

To better understand this matter, let's consider a real example. In case if casino player has soft 17 or 18, and dealer has high value cards, it's better to stop. To make the rule of seven cards work, you need to additionally get low value cards - 6,2,3. The best-case scenario is getting 12 points with first cards. We would like to warn you that when you have hard 17, you should stop anyway.

The best option is to get 16 points or less with 6 cards, and the last card should be of value that altogether cards don't give more than 21 points. But don't forget about classic 21 points. If you couldn't collect seven cards in black jack, then try to get 21 points using any available tools in order to win casino online and get the prize.