Black Jack. Characteristics and Nuances of Playing Black Jack

In this article we'll talk about how to play black jack and what opportunities a player has. While playing black jack game at casino, after receiving cards player has several options to act that will be stated below.

Doubling Down in Black Jack

If, for example, players are satisfied with cards they received, then they can easily double their initial bet. In this case, they are dealt one more card and then it's another player's turn to make decision.

Doubling Down in Black Jack

As we can see in the screenshot, the sum of player's initial combination is 13. He decided that the combination is quite good; therefore he is doubling the size of initial bet.

Example of Doubling Down in Black Jack

In this case he can win two dollars, but can lose the same amount. Doubling down of the bet should be used only in situations when you are sure that combination is winning.

Splitting Cards in Black Jack

When player has cards of the same value (for instance deuces as in the screenshot), they can split them. In these situations you'll have to make another bet that has to be equal to the initial one.

Splitting Cards in Black Jack

Example of Splitting in Black Jack

After splitting, you can take more cards for first hand and then for second. It should be mentioned that after splitting you can decide to double the bet or split again. But the total number of those operations is limited to three. That's why a player can have no more than four hands during one round.

Splitting Cards in Black Jack

As we can see, we have two combinations, and the total bet is 2 dollars.

It's important to remember that in case of receiving "black jack" combination after splitting cards, it's not counted. It's also important to be careful with splitting such cards as aces. After receiving by one more card for each hand, player can neither double the bet nor ask for one more card. Only in cases when another ace is dealt, you can split the combination.

Splitting Cards in Black Jack

But splitting is not always helpful. As we can see in the screenshot, splitting led to a double loss.

Insurance Bet in Black Jack

If casino dealer has ace, after cards are dealt, dealer will offer players to buy insurance. If you agree to those terms, you'll have to pay insurance. Its costs shouldn't exceed half of the initial bet.

Basically, you insure yourself from the situation, when a dealer gets "black jack". Meaning that your insurance bet is placed on the scenario that dealer has black jack combination. If dealer has this combination, payout will be twice the amount of insurance.

Insurance Bet in Black Jack

It should be highlighted that when your first two cards received make a black jack combination, you can't buy insurance. Dealer in this case offers casino player the bet that is called "even money", that means that winning is paid not three to one, but is equal to the amount of the initial player bet. If you refuse to place even money bet and it turns out dealer has black jack, you lose your bet.


There are situations when player isn't satisfied with his/her initial combination. Seeing no opportunities, casino player can refuse to take part in the round. Half of the bet will be returned to the player, and online casino takes another half. But that's still better than losing the whole bet at once.

In case when casino player split his/her cards, there's no longer opportunity to surrender.

Black Jack Surrender Example

For example, player has 14 points. He understands that any card giving 10 points, nines and eights can be the reason of going bust. Considering this fact, he makes decision to surrender. In this case, half of the bet will be paid to casino online.

As you can see, black jack game isn't that difficult. Black jack rules are simple, the game is dynamic. You can play at instant online casinos or download casino software where you can find clear and understandable instructions.