Casino Black Jack. Five Major Mistakes When Playing Black Jack

All players make various kinds of mistakes playing any game available at online casinos. But if we are talking about black jack game, we can highlight 5 major mistakes which have the most unfavorable and dramatic effect on our black jack results.

Playing to Avoid Busting

This sounds strange, right? It seems that if we won't take risk and won’t hit on 12 or stronger hands, we should lose less frequently. But actually you shouldn't always play to avoid busting. This recommendation often confuses both novice and experienced online casino players, so don't get disappointed if you too followed this rule before. Just stop doing that.

Why? If you try to avoid busting, you stop when you have cards which give you less than 50% chance of going bust. As a result, online black jack dealer wins more frequently. Online casino dealer should stand on soft 17 and if you stand having 14 or other weak hands, you won't get any chance to win.

Five Major Mistakes When Playing Black Jack

Not Using Doubling Down

Doubling down the bet in some cases is a rational decision and is the best way to win big. Novice online casino players usually prefer to stay away from doubling their bet because they are too careful. Some casinos online allow to double only in some particular situations. But if you think that the last card will bring you winnings (for instance you have 10 or 11 points) then double your beet and win more money.

Playing at Tables Where Dealer Stands on Soft 18

Definitely avoid online black jack tables where casino dealer stands on soft 18! If online casino dealer has to stand on soft 17, it's better for you because casino edge is by 0.02% lower than if black jack dealer would stand on soft 18. 0.02% won't give online casino player much benefit, but the secret of winning in black jack game is to make house edge as small as possible.

Splitting Good Cards

Never split good cards. It's a crazy decision! This common mistake doesn’t just lower your chances to win, but also makes you pay additional costs. Simple rule you need to start with is to never split pairs giving you 10 or 20 points. If you split these cards, you often go bust or you have to stand having weak hands. As a result, you lose and losing isn't what online casino player needs.

Card Counting in Online Black Jack

The assumption that card counting can somehow help at online casinos is false. Of course, card counting at offline casinos can bring good money… But if you try to count cards at casinos online, you'll definitely be disappointed. Have you ever heard of a random number generator which is used at online casinos? Do you know that when you play black jack game at online casinos, cards are shuffled after every round? At online casinos counting or forecasting is useless.