Black Jack Online. Interesting Historical Facts About Black Jack and Its Key Success Secret

Black Jack is the most popular game after slot machines at all casinos. But what made Black Jack game so popular around the world? On this page I'll tell you some of the interesting facts about Black Jack. Novice black jack players would definitely love these facts.

Black Jack: Starting Up the Long Road

The black jack story began long time ago at times when nothing special happened and there were a lot of cheating at casinos. Thanks to railroad people slowly started to get to know the world they are living in. At that time black jack game wasn't popular and people usually played it against each other rather than against casino. Everyone knows casino game 21? That's right, people played the game, casinos got players' money and nobody ever thought what could possibly happen to this game in the future.

Black Jack's Getting Popular

Everything changed when first powerful computers were created. With the help of computer, one smart and creative person made Black Jack the most lucrative casino game in the whole world!

Interesting Historical Facts About Black Jack

It turned out that in Black Jack players' decisions have the most significant influence on whether casino player wins or loses. Meaning that Black Jack happened to be almost the only casino game that can be affected by player's choices and success of casino player depends on his/her skills and the ability to implement those skills at a Black Jack table.

Casino owners got so afraid of this threat that started to force the smartest black jack players, who managed to leave with solid winnings, out of casinos. By that time Black Jack became so popular worldwide that casinos had to add more and more Black Jack tables to satisfy the player demands. Some of the casino players heard something about how easy it's to win in Black Jack game and without getting into details or having necessary skills, lost their money.

Casinos were quick to understand that it would be profitable if players kept believing that winning casino in Black Jack game was easy. Therefore, casinos themselves started to promote Black Jack. Today up to 70% of all casino tables at major Las Vegas casinos are Black Jack tables. Playing at those tables, novice players lose their money and professionals have their names in casino’s black list after winning big. That means they aren't allowed to visit casino. This is how casinos work: forcing professionals out and welcoming novice players.