How To Play Black Jack at Online Casinos With Real Dealer

Every Black Jack gamer plays against casino dealer rather than against other players. The goal of an online black jack player is to collect as many points as possible, but without exceeding 21. You can ask for one more card by pressing "Hit" button. Online casino dealer will deal you by one card each time until you decide that you've got enough points or go bust. If your first two cards are Ten and Ace (21 in total), this is the highest combination and it's called Black Jack.

Characteristics of Black Jack Game at Online Live Casinos

Up to 5 online casino players can play black jack game at the same time and talk to each other.

You can play black jack online at a Private table and choose other online casino players who can join your table.

At one black jack table you can open several boxes at the same time (no more than 3 boxes).

How To Play Black Jack

If casino dealer's face up card is ten or an ace after cards are dealt, he/she checks if there's a Black Jack combination.

You can choose the betting range you feel most comfortable with.

When opening a new black jack game table, you can choose how many seconds will be allowed for making bets (15 or 30 seconds), betting range and the type of the table (Public, Private or Reserved).

If you want, you can also just observe black jack game without participating.

Before You Start Playing Black Jack at Online Casino

When visiting online casino website, you can go to the Guest Book page and see if any of your friends are playing casino games at this moment. Moreover, it's possible to find out what games they play and at what tables.

Every black jack casino room has several tables; some of them can be full. If the black jack table is marked as "Private", you can't join it; if it is "Reserved", you can join it only after getting permission of those casino players sitting there. If the table is "Public", you are free to join it.

Casino player who was first to start playing black jack at the table is usually given the right to allow or not new participants. Usually this online casino player also chooses betting range and how much time will be given for placing black jack game bets.