Black Jack Rules At Online Casinos

There are usually six card decks used in Black Jack which are shuffled after each round. Standard Las Vegas rules are applied with the following exceptions:

  • Online casino player can't split already split cards
  • Casino player can double after splitting
  • Additional cards can be requested by pressing "Hit" button. To stop getting cards, push "Stand" button.

Black Jack Card Values

  • Ace (A) - 1 or 11 points
  • Face cards (J, Q, K) - 10 points
  • The rest of the cards - according to their face value

Online Casino Player Wins

If the sum of points black jack player has is closer to 21 than dealer's total amount of points, casino player receives 1 to 1 payout. If you have Black Jack and online casino dealer doesn't have it, your bet is paid 3 to 2.

Black Jack Rules At Online Casinos


If the sum of your card values is equal to the sum of dealer's card values, then "Push" is announced and you get your black jack bet back. Remember that Black Jack combination is always stronger than 21 points collected with three or more cards.


If the sum of online casino players' cards exceeds 21 then players bust and lose.


If first two cards casino player receives are of the same value, player can split them and have two hands. To do so, player should push "Split" button and make additional bet that is equal to the already placed bet (the bet is made automatically). After that you can play as usual. But if you split two Aces, then you'll get just by one more card for each hand. If after splitting Aces you receive Ten on one of your Aces, this combination wouldn't be called Black Jack. You are considered to have 21 points. Remember that you can't split after you already used splitting.


When online casino player receives first two cards and thinks that third one can bring winnings, he/she can double the bet by pushing "Double" button. In this case casino online player's bet will be doubled and he/she will receive one additional card. The same opportunity black jack players have after splitting cards.


Insurance is the kind of a separate game in Black Jack. It gives you the chance to insure your black jack game bet against losing in case casino dealer has Black Jack combination. If dealer's face up card is an Ace, you are offered to buy Black Jack insurance. Insurance will cost you half of your initial bet. If dealer actually has Black Jack, your insurance will pay you 2 to 1. If after you bought insurance, it turns out online casino dealer doesn't have Black Jack, you lose your insurance, but can continue playing as usual, and get more cards if you wish. If both you and casino dealer have Black Jack then it's a Push.

Rules For Dealer

Casino dealer has to get additional cards until he/she gets 17 point or more. After that he/she can stop. Online casino dealer can't decide whether to take another card or not based on what cards he/she has. Casino dealer has to follow existing black jack rules.