Black Jack Bets at Casinos Online

Black jack is played by casino customer and online casino dealer. The goal of the player is to get 21 points or close to this amount. If the total sum of points player gets for his/her cards is bigger than the sum of casino dealer's points and at the same time doesn’t exceed 21, player wins getting 1 to 1 payout. If online casino dealer has more points or player goes over 21, player loses and dealer takes player's bet. If online casino player and dealer have equal amount of points, this is a tie and black jack player gets his/her bet back.

According to rules of any casino online, Black Jack combination is possible to form only out of first two cards in any open box. Black jack combination is paid 3 to 2. That means your $100 bet wins additional $150. Any other winning bets are paid 1 to 1 except for some bonus rules that certain variations of Black Jack game have.

Doubling Down the Bet

When online casino player holds just first two cards on hands and their sum doesn't exceed 21, player can double the bet (some casinos online allow doubling down only when players have 9 or 11 points in total). To double, online casino player has to place another bet equal to initial bet on this box. After that black jack online player will receive just one more card regardless of its value.

Black Jack Bets at Casinos Online

Splitting Cards

If first two player's cards have the same value, for example two deuces, two tens (queen, jack, etc.), these pairs can be split into two new hands. By doing this, online black jack player must double his/her initial bet. After splitting cards, online casino dealer will deal player additional cards on one hand and after player chooses to stand, will move to another hand.

If after splitting player gets a card to his/her ace which gives 10 points, that won't be considered a Blackjack combination. It's just the sum of points equal to 21. When splitting aces most online casinos allow only one card to each ace. If after splitting black jack game player has another pair on hands, he/she can split one more time or even several more times. Each particular online casino sets its own splitting rules.


If first dealer's card is an ace, online casino player can place insurance bet against dealer's Black Jack. This bet will be equal to half of the initial player bet. Insurance wins and pays out 2 to 1 if black jack dealer has Black Jack combination, and the bet is lost in any other cases. Don't use insurance too often since this online black jack bet is the most unprofitable for casino player. Casino edge is several percentages when this bet is placed.


If casino online has this rule, black jack player gets the right to refuse further playing after receiving first two cards. In this case online casino player loses half of his/her initial bet.

Note that even though general black jack rules are the same, every online casino has its own small differences in black jack. Many casinos online do not allow surrender, sometimes after splitting players can't split again or double, etc. To know exactly what rules apply to black jack game, you need to read rules at online casino of your choice.