Why do people gamble?

There are a lot of different reasons, why people gamble and visit casinos. One simply wants to have fun, the other one - to relax. Someone is having troubles with money and he or she is certain that the best way to solve the problem is to win big amount of money at a casino. Rules of the casinos are rigid for most of the visitors and they have to comply with these conditions, but sometimes they create their own concepts and combinations. Sometimes the chances to win big obfuscate people and they start do crazy things. There are a lot of examples that can put a big smile on your face.

Here is one of these stories. Once upon a time there was a preacher in Chicago called Michael Stamfield. In the days of his youth, when he was a missionary in South Africa, the holy father was addicted to gambling. Moving to the USA was the starting point of his getting rid from the addiction: this man of worth stayed away from casinos for a really long time. But in 2011 he gave up and visited a local casino hoping that church members would never find out about this incident. And more likely it would be so if not an incredibly bad luck: father Stamfield won a huge amount on straight flush - 10 thousand dollars. Then happened somethings what wasn’t meant to happen – he was on Z pages of all newspapers and many Internet resources. But the biggest trouble was not the win itself but that the fact that he was using a fake ID to get in the casino because he was prohibited to do that. When everyone in his commune found that out, they asked him to find a new occupation, despite he had engaged lots of people in church during the years of his service and, overall, he had been very responsible about his direct duties. When Stanfield was interviewed, he apologized to everyone whom he made feel inconvenient and who also became worried by his behavior. Also, the holy father apologized for not getting rid of such bad habit.

The casus is that he won all money legitimately and fair, without breaking the rules of the casino.

A whole different story happened at one of Canadian casinos: two light-fingered Chinese, who regularly visited the casino, talked a local dealer into their fraudulent scheme. By the way, on casinoglobal you can choose one of the online Canadian casinos with no deposit bonuses. Zhuo Zhao and Xiaodong Lu used to visit the same casino for a couple of months and managed to win more than 50 thousand dollars during this period. This fact, of course, couldn’t but draw the attention of the casino security – it was an incredible luck, by any reckoning. The administration representatives looked through all the records to find out that all wins happened when another Chinese was dealing, his name was Bo Dy, and when nobody except them was near the roulette table. When all the circumstances were looked through, it turned out that the dealer allowed his fellows to make bets after the ball was already in a hole. He had half of the sum after all. As the result, everybody won and quite big after all: in one of the days the total amount was about 5 thousand dollars.

Of course, the fraudsters faced the court after all. Xiaodong Lu had the minimum punishment – she said that she didn’t understand anything and partners used her. Curiously enough, the judge trusted her and she got 4 thousand dollars penalty. Men were given grueling time: Zhuo Zhao was locked up for half a year and got 12 thousand dollars penalty, the dealer was locked up on 9 months and got 25 thousand dollars penalty.

However, the misuse of assets can origin not only from fraudulent intent. In one of the Ohio casinos a payment mistake took place because of strange coincidence: casino employees gave a million dollars to a person, who was a total namesake and was born in the same day as the person who really won a million. What a mistake!

But to be fully certain that there was no fraudulent intent, a special commission was created. They affirmed that it was a coincidence, a real coincidence and no fraud.

Also, you can get money from casino even without playing there. You just have to slip up! Alice Sawson from the USA proved it: she hurt her leg when she was at a casino and made a petition to the court with a demand of compensation money for damage. She asked for a big amount of money, 700 thousand dollars. The decision was in favor of complaint but casino’s administration disagreed and submitted an appeal.

By the way not only ordinary people can get into a mess: sometimes even politicians falter though it seems that they have to be cautious. An interesting incident happened with famous American senator John McCain. On one of the board meetings he decided to pass the time playing online poker on his iPhone. It would be absolutely okay except for two things. First and foremost - there was a very important question on this meeting – Syrian. Second – a very immutable journalist saw him and snatched an opportunity to make some photos and publish them. Since McCain was famous for his biased attitude towards Syrian government, the blunder became a great scandal. The oppositionists became very active and burst into a lot of malignant comments about the senator, who made important decisions while playing poker.

All these facts above clearly demonstrate the simple truth: gambling on its own is not a vice, but over-indulgence can lead to stupid, awkward or even compromising situations. So, you don’t have to make such hobby the center of your life and obsession – moderation is the key.