Casino or Lottery: Which gives the Best Odds to Pay-out Ratio?

Gambling is always going to be a matter of luck, no matter if you play at the best online casino or have your lottery numbers picked by Mystic Meg herself- the result is always going to be down to either dumb luck or how well you’ve managed to play the odds. That’s why it’s so important you have a good head for numbers if you’re going to be gambling regularly and have a realistic idea of your chances. You’re not very likely to hit the jackpot at either the casino or the lottery but if you’re going to play anyway, you may as well get an idea of your chances with both!

This essentially comes down to a few key points of comparison, which offers the best pay-out on your bets, which has the best odds of your actually landing a win and which will be the most fun for you to play? Well, to give you a head-start, we’ve got this infographic to argue through the case for you and see which of the two offers the best mathematical probability of you seeing a profit. Let us know what you think!

Casino or Lottery